Dogs previously sentenced to death get new leases on life

High percentages of dogs rescued by Chicago police after their owners are criminally charged are rehabilitated and find new homes, as told in the book 'A Ruff Road Home'

Justice Moves Slowly Against Durst in Mob Daughter’s Murder

Will New York real estate heir Robert Durst be convicted in the murder of his best friend Susan Berman? The evidence to be presented in court appears strong.

Former Prosecutor Discusses New 'Death of an Assassin' Book

A former U.S. prosecutor, who's written a book about a 19th Century German assassination, discusses the American connection in this new interview.

Ann Rule: The Last Interview

Fact-based crime writer, dead at 83, told it like it was.

What Did The LAPD Know About Robert Durst and When?

An in-depth look at delayed evidence in the California case against real estate heir Robert Durst, who stands charged with the murder of his best friend, writer Susan Berman.

Robert Durst On Disappearance Of Wife: ‘I Lied’

Billionaire in an HBO series unwittingly reveals never-before-released details in the disappearance of his wife Kathie Durst.

Domestic Violence: Why I Stayed and Why I Left

Writer tells personal experience and advises those suffering from physical abuse after a victim tells her story on the Grammys

911 Call Reveals New Details Against Former Rap Producer

With murder charges against Suge Knight now official, it's looking even worse for the former music mogul as audio of a 911 call from a witness details the fatal hit and run.

A 911 New Year's Call That Foretold A Murder Is Revisited

Police reaction to a 911 call nearly five years before Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered is a classic example of what not to do when domestic violence is suspected.

Does The Mob Still Exist in Las Vegas? Good Question

The jury is out on whether the mob still exists in Sin City, even though city officials in years past have adamantly denied its existence.

Is DNA Available From A Child Cold Case Murder 40 Years Ago?

No leads and no new evidence in a boy’s abduction and murder nearly 40 years ago leaves former neighbor hoping, with new technology, DNA from the crime scene leads police to the killer

Behind The Scenes With The 'Queen of True Crime'

Ann Rule, known for spellbinding detail of crime cases in her bestsellers, on the importance of forensics in writing

Justice For Murder Victim and Family 3 Decades Later

Daughter of victim Alma Delgado Noffsinger, 5 at the time of her murder, talks about the defendant and the loss of her mother as the case moves toward trial.

One-Time Drug Kingpin Freeway Rick Ross Pens Tell-All Book

After serving 20 years in a federal penitentiary on a drug conviction, Freeway Rick Ross outlines his life story in an autobiography that holds nothing back while making no excuses for his past actions.

Time To Give Up The Hunt For Jimmy Hoffa?

Is it time to give up expansive law-enforcement searches for Jimmy Hoffa's body? Multiple investigations over the years have turned up the same results: Nothing new

New Evidence Solves 25 Year Old Cold Case

Arrests in the 1989 murder of a Michigan teen happened after a law-enforcement task force took a fresh look at witnesses and their statements

Police: New Photos Prove Grunge Singer's Death a Suicide

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, authorities release never-before-seen police photos to illustrate exactly how the singer died.

The History and Science of Death: Murder or Natural?

Two men, featured in the book and PBS special The Poisoner's Handbook, forever redefined in the early 1920s how New York City medical examiners process evidence. Author Deborah Blum, in an interview discussion, breaks down that evidence.

Triple Murder Mystery With Little Evidence

A decades-old triple murder case may have been committed by human traffickers, according to a former Las Vegas homicide detective who led the investigation.

Facebook Postings Help Solve 2013 Crimes

Social media, in particular Facebook, is proving to be a valuable crime-fighting tool.

Book Probes New Evidence in Mob Daughter's Murder

Susan Berman had been protected from mob unrest in the 1950s by her father, Davie Berman, a notorious gangster. This time, however, her father was not there to save Berman, an author and screenwriter, when a gunman fired a single shot, killing her. New circumstantial evidence is explored in the 2000 murder as police, with the FBI, revisit the investigation
Courtesy of Safe Humane Chicago

Saving Dogs From Criminal Justice Red Tape

Groups rescue dogs caught up in criminal court and give them second chances.

Expert: Humane Treatment Long Overdue for Puppy Mill Dogs

The founder of a mill dog rescue group says it's time for improvement to spare commercially bred dogs from the sometimes physical and emotional scars they suffer

Legal Team Discusses Suit Brought by Author Ann Rule

Crime writer Ann Rule's legal team sheds light on defamation suit against a Seattle newspaper prompted by a negative cover story penned by the fiancé of a convicted killer and the subject of one of Rule's books.

What is the Future for Children Rescued from Sex Slavery?

More than a hundred children freed from sexual slavery face extreme challenges as they head into recovery and reenter daily life and school.

Murder by Propofol

The King of Pop's death isn't the only case ruled a homicide involving the misuse of the powerful drug known as propofol

Victim in Cleveland Never Lost Hope

While FBI agents gather evidence and Cleveland Police continue interviewing three rescued kidnap victims, the woman who initially escaped is being hailed a hero

Sorting Out Chaos at the Boston Marathon

Investigators comb through evidence and view video looking for whoever is responsible for the Boston Marathon attack.

Will an Arizona Jury Send a Woman to Death Row?

Guilty or not guilty? The jury in an Arizona murder case will soon deliberate to determine the fate of Travis Alexander's female killer

US Double Jeopardy a Possibility in Italian Case?

Amanda Knox's future and a potential second murder conviction depend on courts in Italy and possibly the US