"The Blame Game" will be published on March 15th, 2011.

Chapters include:

1. The Nature of Credit and Blame- how human evolution has influenced the dynamics of credit-taking and blame-casting

2. The Nurture of Credit and Blame- how early life experience, culture, gender, and socialization influence how people assign, and react to, credit and blame

3. Typecasting Blame- How personality and personality types can help explain why some individuals are particularly challenging to work with and for 

4. Situational Awareness- The importance of situations in how credit and blame synamics play out; how "states' can be more important than "traits"

5. Cultures of Blame- How organizations develop cultures of credit and blame, for better or for worse; How organizations can change their cultures from finger-pointing to problem solving

6. Leaders Reframe Blame- Great leaders take more blame and share more credit; How leaders at any level can set a positive example and create virtuous cycles

7. Practical Approaches- Specific recommendations for individuals and leaders about how to evaluate and improve the dynamics of credit and blame

For more information, please visit the book website:


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