Even If It Doesn’t Feel Comfortable (At First), Why Not Give It a Try?

I like good habits for all sorts of reasons, but one of the best reasons is that my good habits help me feel in ‘the groove.' When I'm engaged in my daily routine, things feel somehow natural. It's so easy, though, to allow my good habits to run along, day after day, unchecked.

The Trouble with New Year's Resolutions

I am writing this post on New Year's Eve.Today, like every weekday morning for the past year or so, I went to the gym. There were maybe half a dozen people there working out. Maybe.  

The Vacation Habit

I go on vacation a few times a year. Sometimes I hang out at home and sometimes I go away, but I always make a point of disconnecting from the office.

You Need a Break! (You Really Do) So Plan For It!

Life is busy and there is lots to be done. But, where's the time for you? When can you kick back and relax? You haven't been to a movie in ages. You can't remember the last time you read fiction, or the back of a cereal box for that matter. What about just laying back and listening to the radio?