How to Get Unstuck

Have you ever felt stymied? Stuck in the mud on a problem or when you're trying to be creative? Here are some ideas to get you moving out of the muck and back on track.

What Would You Tell Your 20-year-old Self?

Wouldn't it be nice to save time and learn life lessons earlier? Ask the simple question of what you wished you'd known earlier and maybe you can save yourself--or someone you care about--a bit of time, energy and drama.

Don't Fake It Till You Make It, Make It Till You Make It

Lucky are the young who know what they want to do. What are some lessons the rest of us can take from them?

Pockets of Reflection in a Busy World

Where can we find pockets of reflection time in lives filled with busyness? They are there, to be sure, but it can feel like detective work to find them. Try. It's worth it.

Need a Break? Think Slow TV

With hundreds of channels and much to distract us, maybe it’s good sometimes just to slow down. We’ve heard about slow food, where people take (lots of) time to cook and enjoy a meal. What about “slow TV?”

Forming Your Pack

We may think that being a guide in the bush of Africa is all about tracking animals. Not even close. A huge part is creating rapport with clients and building a pack. What can we learn from guides to build teams fast?

The Myth of Multitasking

Imagine an elephant about to run over you. Think you'll want to pull out your phone and send a text? Your brain just wants to focus on the elephant and how to avoid being squashed. Many of us think we can multitask away from the jungle. The environment may be safer but our brains are still resisting the challenge of doing many tasks at once.

Seeing the Magic

In the first 48 hours of a new travel location, you see things that become "normal" shortly after. So take advantage of it!

Can Pain Be Valuable?

When I experienced wicked pain, even for a relatively short time, I found that perhaps it had some value or at least lessons. Even for creativity.

What's Your Mantra?

With the start of a new year, maybe it's time to consider just how you make decisions about what to work on? I've found a mantra that works for me. What's yours?

In a Creative Slump? Here Are Five Ways to Help You

Creative walls can be frustrating but they are also normal. Try these approaches to find out which ways work best for you to deal with the wall and recapture your creative self.

When Jet Lag Meets a Hotel Bathroom—Not What You Think!

Foreign travel is fun, except when it's not. On a recent trip, I ended up spending a day in a Danish hotel room with a cold, a cough, laryngitis and a camera. On top of that, I had bad jet lag. But the experience turned out to be one that taught me about how the Danes blend big and small issues—from sustainability to design, and do it well.

Why? Or Why Not?

When someone hits you with a new idea she wants to try, how do you respond? Could make a lot of difference.

The Power of a Shower

When was the last time you had some sort of “aha moment” revelation…in the shower? I had one just this morning and I’ll bet you have them pretty often too. So why does that epiphany happen so often in the shower?

There's More to a Dragon Fly Than Just Good Looks

I have always assumed that insects had pretty short life spans. Not so the young dragon fly. In the larval stage, as nymphs, they can live for years under water. When they finally emerge as fully grown adults, they live just a few months before dying. But, believe it or not, there's a lot to learn from them.

Weather Experts Take Heat—But Some Have Cool Ideas

We often take weather experts for granted, when we're not complaining that they "got it wrong." But if we look closer at their worlds, we might discover they have more to offer about how to deal with some of life's challenges...even though it might not seem so.

When Complaining Is a Good Thing

Usually, I argue for not complaining too much -- who wants to be around someone who whines? But when it comes to creativity, sometimes being irritated and talking about it can lead to some great inventions.

Caffeine Pizza With Medical Benefits.. Huh?

If you want shake yourself up a little and try to spark your creative thinking, invite a foreigner or child who’s just learning to read to ride along on a highway for an afternoon. You’ll see signs in a whole new way and shake up your brain in the process.

You may be a starfish and not even know it

What do you remember learning about starfish? In school, I recall hearing that they can regenerate a limb if they lose it. Well that’s just the start to what these remarkable creatures can do. But more than that, what we can learn from them is even more intriguing.

The Magic of Unexpected Time

What I learned about creativity by spending time in a medical clinic in Vietnam. Not what I expected.

The Year of Small Changes

How an odd sort of murder scene in my backyard is changing the way I start the new year.

Know Why Chameleons Change Color? Think Again.

Chameleons change color, that's a given. But what if you learned they change color for different types of reasons? That sometimes they change so fast humans can't see it? Or that maybe the change is not for the reason many people thought they knew? If we understand why they change, maybe we can use the lessons in our own lives.

How Are Einstein And Football Coaches Similar?

Creativity in football? Really?

Go With the Flow... Or Fight It?

What can traffic teach about flow? In the chaos of Hanoi's streets, a lesson about what it might take to boost creativity.

The Teen and the Traffic Ticket—New Ending?

Give a ticket or solve a problem?

Oops! Bloopers We Don't Know We Make

Do you confuse people without even knowing it?

Three Little Words That Pack Power

Ideas: treat them like seedlings and use three small words when those seedlings spring up.

Love a Bargain? Find Them in the Oddest places...Like Theatre?

Don't you love it when we get more than we'd expected? It happens all over, even in the theatre world.

Take a Picture, Improve Your Life—Or At Least Your Organization

Good photos and good organizations start with vision....