What Is My Life's Purpose?

"It feels like a silent storm inside of me. Am I crazy? Is this a midlife crisis? Am I being immature and selfish? I just feel like something is missing in my life. I want excitement and purpose. Will I regret it if I don't take another path and explore?" Many of my female clients in their thirties and forties are asking these questions.

Will Your Empty Nest Be Boomeranged?

The term empty nest trivializes the painful passage for many women. The nest is our life, our memories of our lives with our children. We nurtured them and nudged them out to fly. Who is here to nurture us and nudge us toward a new life? It is a very hard time but there are ways to cope and eventually enjoy the process.

Are We Living In A Delusional Society?

Is it delusional to believe that our health care system is promoting health? Is it delusional to think that our country will ever be out of debt? Is it delusional to think that we the people are a priority in the USA?