Every since I can remember animals have trusted me. Even before I took my Tibetan Buddhist vows of no killing. Such beasts of our land appear to have finely tuned instincts, and can sense a person's presence (i.e. intentions, trustworthiness). It is their sixth sense developed perhaps out of survival. And they unerringly trust it. Animals also have such pure intentions for play, safety, food and freedom. Not amazingly different than young children. So it seemed to me to make perfect sense, horse sense if you will, to teach parenting via animals.

Perfect Sense: Horse Sense

Using horses as teachers is both supported by art and science. Equine assisted learning (EAL) or therapy is the official terminology. Amazing reports have occurred with using horses to facilitate a greater level of wellness in children with autism, attention-deficit and other ineffable issues. Children connect with animals. It is that simple. What is far more complex is the mystery that occurs between a child's dynamic system and the horses that somehow often enables a child to let-go, remove blocks and allow his or her self to emerge without the same depth of physical, emotional and mental issues when he or she got acquainted with the horse.

Such power and wisdom of the horse is now harnessed to teach parenting skills. I am really excited to be presenting a workshop focused upon parenting the highly creative, sensitive and intelligent child along with a close colleague, Karen Head, an internationally recognized Equine Assisted Learning specialist. Being able to deliver parenting techniques focused upon deepening your awareness, developing relationship and parenting or leading with consent is potent. Such a workshop is geared to helping parents (educators, leaders) learn the most effective methods to bringing out the best in the highly intelligent, creative and sensitive child.

Our 3-day program is being delivered 1 day in August, September and October in Western North Carolina beginning this Sunday. In addition, the program is condensed for a 3-day intensive this Fall of 2009 to allow for travel. I am excited because it is the type of accelerated learning that allows for real-substantive change and growth. Plus I am passionate about nurturing our highly creative and sensitive children versus socializing such gifts out of them.

Parenting: Progressive Steps

So I invite you to take a leap with me. In staying connected to this Blog, joining me at an upcoming Workshop or reading my upcoming book. Like Frederick Wilcox stated "progress always involves risk; you can't steal second base and keep your foot on first."

By Maureen Healy
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