The Commencement Speech I Wish I Could Give

For the last several years, I’ve written my thoughts about what I would say if I were asked to give a commencement speech, but until that invitation, here are some of the most important things I’ve learned in life and in my work with men and women around the world on how to create their own best lives.

Jumping on the Bed, Concussions and David Ortiz

David Ortiz had to relearn it to start to hit again. My son had to do it to help recover from a concussion. My grandmother did it and left a powerful impression on me that is directly responsible for my high zest scores. What is IT and why does it matter?

The Commencement Address I Will Not Give - Yet

Advice is being given by scores of athletes, musicians, politicians, celebrities and the famous among us who are gracing high school and college graduations all over the country. As long as this is the season of giving advice, I am unveiling "The Caroline Doctrine," which may someday turn into a commencement address (can you say "life list goal"?).

Listing Towards Success

Leonardo da Vinici did it.  Michael Phelps did it.  The head coach of the winning Super Bowl team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, does it.  What is it?  In a world where most people live reactive lives, what is one of the things you can do to not only become more successful, but get happier at the same time?

The First Role Model

 Albert Bandura's Self-Efficacy Theory states that this quality is promoted in four ways, and one of them is role-modeling by others.  Happy people have high self-efficacy.  What has Obama done since Election Day to create powerful self-efficacy among African Americans and test-taking abilities, and possibly enhance happiness levels? New research might surprise you!