How to Dredge Up Some Gratitude After Life Slams You

What if it's NOT "all good"? You can learn to restructure your thinking and experience small amounts of gratitude on even the darkest days. Consider these strategies.

(Not So Small) Lessons About Writing and Life

You can learn a lot from reading good writers. One such is Ashley Hay, whose new book is A Hundred Small Lessons. Here's our Q&A.

The A to (Almost) Z of How Flow Helped Sue Grafton Find Fame

It's no mystery that Sue Grafton loved to write. The joy of being in flow is one reason why, as she explained in this interview.

What Sexy Dreams Say About Your Psyche

One woman's sex dream is another's nightmare. But such dreams may tell you something about your real life, both in and out of bed.

Grief Lessons

My husband of 34 years died recently. Unprepared for the reality of terrible loss, I learned how to grieve like everyone does: the hard way. Here are 12 lessons....

7 Suggestions to Help You Find Writerly Flow

Here is some creatively inspiring advice from writers and poets to help you find your own sense of flow.

Am I Talented Enough?

You have big artistic aspirations. Knowing what and who to ask can help make your vision a reality, with some fine-tuning.

The Creepy Appeal of the Bad Guy Narrator

When the bad guy pops into your head and demands a novel, what can you do? That's easy. You write from the point of view of a narcissist.

Tell Your Story, Change Your Life

Writing about loss can change your life in a positive way. Consider the five stages to writing and healing as explained in this guest post by Sandra Marinella.

The Hipster & the Clairvoyant: 6 Bad Openings for Your Book

Finish your novel or memoir with the help of book doctor Dinty W. Moore's six easy-to-identify missteps beginning writers often make.

Some Mysteries Take the Genre to a New Level

Literary? Who knows or cares. This mystery novel is delightful and worth reading long into the cold dark night.

Craving More Meaningful Trips?

Guest blogger and constant traveler Steven Barber reviews an unusual travel guide, one that helps you figure yourself out in order to plan and take better trips.

Imagine Falling Back in Time 600 Years — And Liking It

When a good writer creates a believable world on the page, it doesn't matter where you go in time, you'll want to keep turning pages.

What If Your Mind Lost Its Words?

Imagine if you stopped talking to yourself in your head. Living with impaired language abilities changes the way we think about who we are. A first-person account illuminates.

I Have Seen Your Brain and It Might Not Be So Pretty

Can a specialized scan of your brain tell us if you are awake and aware? If you are a nice person or a psychopath?

Finding Meaning After Losing Faith

Young people who question everything may be born into communities that insist it is wrong to doubt their religion. Here's the story of one who got away and found his own meaning.

I Keep Good Stuff, You Hoard Junk: 10 Insights

A diversity of odd habits and rituals for quelling anxiety lies along the continuum between normal and diagnosable. You may recognize some of these compulsions.

17 Ways to Foster Creativity in a Practical Kid

Does your child show little interest in the usual arts and crafts? Some kids are most passionate about how the real world works, and can be remarkably creative. You can help.

Write Better By Reading Better Books

Some authors find they can't read other writers' work while they're creating their own. Others never stop reading and learning from the best. Eight new-ish novels to sink into.

Could Your Brain Make You Do Insane Things?

A brain tumor may figure in the insanity defense of the youth who fake-called Jewish community centers in the U.S. and elsewhere. Brain-imaging is gaining credence in courts.

What Would Your Protest Sign Say?

Whether you're for or against something or everything, there are many ways to be effective. You'll also feel better by doing something. Here's an idea.

Writers: How to Be Fired Up, Not Burned Out

Starting something new is not the only way to get excited about writing again. Here are some reflections about how to find flow.

6 Tips Toward Getting Your Book Published

Anyone serious about turning written work into actual books must do a lot of research into the realities of publishing before sending anything into the world. Here are 6 tips.

Purposeful Quirks Can Help You Build a Can-Do Attitude

I interviewed dozens of famous writers and wrote a book about them. One of the nicest was Carolyn See. Read my interview with her now.
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The Challenge of Writing and Publishing Dark Fiction

Think it's easy to write a serious book about good, evil, love, cowardice, Nazis, and a small group of people stuck on a desert island? An interview with Daniel A. Blum.

20/20 Hindsight and How to Avoid Regret

Your Inner Critic is the seemingly invincible voice that makes you second-guess your every step and finds you wanting. Let meditation teacher Mark Coleman help you free yourself.

Minimum Daily Requirement for Creativity

Tips to help you "Start Right Where You Are: How Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference for Overwhelmed Procrastinators, Frustrated Overachievers, and Recovering Perfectionists."

6 New Novels With Unexpected, Unforgettable Characters

I get bored reading the same kind of novel over and over. But when an author shows me a fresh point of view, I'm hooked. These books lure you in with unusual characters.

5 More Ways to Fight Creative Block and Enter Flow

Your inner critic deserves to be called a big jerk because it's judging you prematurely with no basis in truth. Here are some ways to disarm the jerk.

A Science-y Take on Time Travel Needn't Break Your Brain

Time travel isn't possible, says science, unless some currently unimaginable things happen. But don't let that dim your pleasure in the fantasy. An expert guide helps.