I Keep Good Stuff, You Hoard Junk: 10 Insights

A diversity of odd habits and rituals for quelling anxiety lies along the continuum between normal and diagnosable. You may recognize some of these compulsions.

17 Ways to Foster Creativity in a Practical Kid

Does your child show little interest in the usual arts and crafts? Some kids are most passionate about how the real world works, and can be remarkably creative. You can help.

Write Better By Reading Better Books

Some authors find they can't read other writers' work while they're creating their own. Others never stop reading and learning from the best. Eight new-ish novels to sink into.

Could Your Brain Make You Do Insane Things?

A brain tumor may figure in the insanity defense of the youth who fake-called Jewish community centers in the U.S. and elsewhere. Brain-imaging is gaining credence in courts.

What Would Your Protest Sign Say?

Whether you're for or against something or everything, there are many ways to be effective. You'll also feel better by doing something. Here's an idea.

Writers: How to Be Fired Up, Not Burned Out

Starting something new is not the only way to get excited about writing again. Here are some reflections about how to find flow.

6 Tips Toward Getting Your Book Published

Anyone serious about turning written work into actual books must do a lot of research into the realities of publishing before sending anything into the world. Here are 6 tips.

Purposeful Quirks Can Help You Build a Can-Do Attitude

I interviewed dozens of famous writers and wrote a book about them. One of the nicest was Carolyn See. Read my interview with her now.
Cover image used with permission of author and publisher.

The Challenge of Writing and Publishing Dark Fiction

Think it's easy to write a serious book about good, evil, love, cowardice, Nazis, and a small group of people stuck on a desert island? An interview with Daniel A. Blum.

20/20 Hindsight and How to Avoid Regret

Your Inner Critic is the seemingly invincible voice that makes you second-guess your every step and finds you wanting. Let meditation teacher Mark Coleman help you free yourself.

Minimum Daily Requirement for Creativity

Tips to help you "Start Right Where You Are: How Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference for Overwhelmed Procrastinators, Frustrated Overachievers, and Recovering Perfectionists."

6 New Novels With Unexpected, Unforgettable Characters

I get bored reading the same kind of novel over and over. But when an author shows me a fresh point of view, I'm hooked. These books lure you in with unusual characters.

5 More Ways to Fight Creative Block and Enter Flow

Your inner critic deserves to be called a big jerk because it's judging you prematurely with no basis in truth. Here are some ways to disarm the jerk.

A Science-y Take on Time Travel Needn't Break Your Brain

Time travel isn't possible, says science, unless some currently unimaginable things happen. But don't let that dim your pleasure in the fantasy. An expert guide helps.

New Fun Ways to Share Art with Kids

Most kids love to fool around with diverse art materials. Go a step further by helping them appreciate great art while encouraging their own creativity. It's surprisingly easy.

5 Lessons About Success from Nobel Laureates

Nobel laureates are frequently asked their secret to winning a Nobel Prize. Read what guest blogger David Pratt learned by examining laureates' lives.

Time Travel: When "Be Here Now" Isn't Enough

There's something compelling about time travel novels in which characters go back in time to change or fix the past. Here are a few new books—and worlds—to try out.

6 Ways to Convince People to Do What You Want

If you want to become more influential, take the time to craft a message that's persuasive.

Giving Voice to Grief in a Novel Way

A doctor imagines cloning his lost son to keep him alive in the minds of his debut novel's readers. This Q&A with the author explains the why and the how.

How It Feels to Be an Outsider Everywhere

Longing for home after an unwilling long-distance move, the protagonist of this profoundly insightful novel learns to live anywhere, or maybe nowhere.

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Psychological tests that are trusted by one generation may be debunked by the next. A selection of tests to learn about and try, just for fun, are found in Psychobook.

The Pleasures and Perils of Writing a Revealing Memoir

A memoir can be written by anyone, yet the best ones are authored by those who have learned to dig deep and write what others might fear to.

Left Brain, Right Brain, Whole Brain: 9 Creative Tips

One of these new guides for creatives may offer you the precise bit of advice you need to engage with the work that means the world to you.

What Makes These 6 New Novels Unforgettable?

You probably don't remember every book you read. A novel sticks when characters are so real, emotions so genuine, that you experience the story as though an actual witness to it.

Clear Thinking About Decluttering: 8 Insights

Like diet books, books about how to clean out our clutter are always popular. What's the fascination, and why can't we "just do it" once and for all?

Write Better by Thinking Like a Fox

Two new novels demonstrate, by showing not telling, how to get into the mind of some unusual characters.

7 Tips from Elder Creatives on the Joy of Working

Worried you'll someday lose your passion and your ability to come up with fresh ideas for your creative work? Twenty still-working over-80s tell how they do it.

Character Counts in a Novel's Pages

If the characters who people a book, no matter how wildly offbeat, don't feel real, readers may lose interest. Plot is definitely not everything. Character counts.

7 Strategies for Becoming More Productive

Whatever your aims, you can use these fresh, practical exercises and insights to work smarter, faster, and with less stress.

Who Dares Speak Honestly About Unbelief?

Being an activist for a popular cause is easy. Speaking up for a cause that by its nature offends many people takes courage. Some new books tell the truth about atheism.