Two Surefire Gratitude Hacks

Having the attitude of gratitude is easy when I’m on top of my game. But how do we access a sense of thankfulness when we’re stressed out or struggling with anxiety, or depression?

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Holiday Meltdown

Don’t let the festive season drive you ’round the Xmas tree, over the dreidel or into the Solstice fire.

How Facebook Live is Helping to Ease my Depression

This depression will pass if I get my butt (which apparently has a black dog dangling from it) in gear. I’m taking to Face Book Live for some accountability and support.

4 Steps To Help Someone When They Don't Want It

As a family member or friend it can feel powerless when your loved one with mental illness refuses help. There are steps you can take. Here are a few.

Change Can Suck. Find Out How to Make it Easier.

If you're wanting to add a healthy habit to your life, find out first where you are in the stages of readiness for change. It may make the process more comfortable & successful!

Invisible No More

Shopper’s Drug Mart and Ride Don’t Hide are leading the way so our invisible community no longer needs to stay in the shadows.

5 Steps to Find the Right Medication & Reclaim Joy

With depression I felt perpetually shielded from the sun. Like I was wrapped in a wet sleeping bag, a hat with large visor on my head and heavy rimmed sunglasses over my eyes.

The Detox Diaries

There’s a chance you’ll make it out in one piece, but then again, there’s also the possibility of going down in flames.

Catalyst for Creativity & Courage Booklist

You just may find that these books fortify your mettle so you forge forward in your creativity and your life.

I Went Off My Meds to Be More Spiritual

Well ok – let me qualify that. I reduced my meds.See there’s always been this niggling feeling if I could just reduce & eventually not take any medication I would be better off.

My Big Fat Naked Psychosis (told in 3 three-word sentences)

It started when a writing friend told me of an exercise her teacher gave her. Write your life story, but write it in 3-word sentences. Here’s the long and the short of it.

Practicing Good Survivorship

I know there are others like me out there, loving someone like my brother. I don’t know what concrete guidance I can give you, other than continue to love that person.

How Getting Naked Eased my Depression & my Life

Accepting the naked truth (that I was dealing with a psychiatric condition not just ‘mood swings’) helped me recover from bipolar disorder and recover my career.

Yes, Victoria, there is a Sanity Clause

The Holiday Sanity Clause is thus: you have the right to say graciously ‘no’.

Smoke and Mirrors

I recently discovered my incessant battle with food and eating has merely been a smoke screen for my generalized anxiety disorder. Now what?

Caregiver Tips to Support Someone with Depression

What benefited me most when I was struggling with depression and in particular pushing people (and their assistance) away?

The ‘Amnesia of Depression’

An odd phenomenon happens when I get depressed. I forget I was ever well. I forget I’ll come out the other side (I always do). I forget there even is another side. Because depression feels permanent.

Flounder or Flourish - Guest Post by Catherine G. Lucas

Why do some people going through a mental health crisis flounder and others flourish? It’s all to do with the quality of support we get.

S.P.A.C.E.: How to Create Mental Health & Vibrant Wellness

The S.P.A.C.E. (Small Positive Actions Change Everything) phenomenon works every time.

Please Don’t Tell Me I Just Have a Chemical Imbalance

This is what I’d like to ask of clinicians, doctors, and advocates for mental illness in general and bipolar disorder specifically: Please don’t tell me I just have a chemical imbalance. There is a whole lot more going on inside my mind and my relationships and my world than the balance of serotonin or dopamine or norepinephrine.

How the Hell Do I Get to Where I Want to Go?

This past Saturday I went to visit my Aunt. And I got lost. Really lost. For 2 hours. I actually wound up at the US/Canadian border (I kid you not) with my gas tank at empty knowing my Aunt had called the ambulance to take her to emergency. If we want to live our best life we need a good map, a clear destination and some friendly folks to help us along the way.

How to Help Your Adult Child if They Have a Mental Illness

As parents of adult children living with mental illness you tell me how painful it is to see your son or daughter in anguish yet at the same time not accept help.

How to Make Indecision Work for You & Anxiety Fall Away

How do you live comfortably with ambiguity so it doesn’t drive you into a panic attack or analysis paralysis? Make it official (the indecisiveness, not the panic attack). That is: choose to be indecisive.

Bipolar Disorder and Making it into the Super Bowl

In football, recovery is measured in weeks or months, not years. This time around, it’s not my knee that’s had to recover, it’s my mind. And it’s taken me years and been far more difficult than making any NFL roster.

Feelings are Not Facts

Sinister self-talk slithers in & with it unpleasant emotions. It’s the usual suspects (like the Seven Dwarves but meaner): useless, worthless, hopeless, clueless, shameful, guilty & unlovable. Recognize feelings for what they are: feelings, not facts. This creates a buffer zone between yourself & your belief in them. Just because you feel worthless, doesn't mean you are.

Not So Silently Through the Night

As a Canadian (privileged) white woman, I sheepishly admitted I only had a vague notion of what was meant by ‘the strong black woman’. Christie Neptune, artist & trailblazer explains the phrase comes from the ability to endure, overcome and live through extreme adversity. “I am forced to tuck away my feelings; my grief, my hurt, my pain for the sake of moving forward.”

Celebrate Your Shame, It’s Getting You Healthy

I had some monumental shame attacks learning to accept my long history of therapies, treatments, shrinks and all that 'stuff'. But all that 'stuff' – like my friend and her path, and you and yours - is bringing us to more awareness, self-compassion and wellness. So celebrating shame isn't so crazy after all.

The 6 Steps of Healing You Need to Know

Denial of an illness is the greatest barrier; acceptance, the greatest liberator. When we start, albeit slowly perhaps, to accept our illness, mental illness or otherwise, only then can healing begin. Often the longest leg and biggest barrier in the road to recovery is the journey to acceptance.

The Zen of Managing Chaos

Learning to befriend change helps make change less daunting when it inevitably comes.

Is Community Based Participatory Research Actually Research?

At a talk, a researcher discussed a community based participatory research project where individuals with mental illness were involved from start to finish. In the next row, I heard a delegate say “it’s just the new macramé.” Ironically the talk was being presented at an anti-stigma conference. Go figure. But perhaps due to the history of tokenism, skepticism is justified.