Going Back to Go Forward

If a group of elderly adults could produce such dramatic changes in their lives, so too can the rest of us. Mindful living is about freeing ourselves from constricting mindsets and the limits they place on our health and well-being and appreciating the importance of becoming the guardians of our own health.

Fail, Fall, Forget

At what age do we give up the right to fail, fall, or forget? Last night Peso, our rescue dog, attacked the food we had put out in the living room for guests. He's typically well-behaved and gentle, but last night, he behaved like an animal. We quickly scolded him and decided he needed to go to canine university.

Blaming the Victim

We have learned that it is reasonable never to question it, nor to pay attention to how it may be otherwise. Beliefs and behavior always make some kind of sense from the actor's perspective or else the actor would have done otherwise. 

Revenge is a dish best not eaten

When people misbehave, it is not out of strength. Further, just as walls do not a prison make, no matter what someone does to us, we don't have to feel belittled by it. Whatever we do feel is a matter of choice. Why ever choose to feel victimized? If we chose to feel sorry for the other person, revenge becomes unnecessary.