Finding Meaning Through Life's Stages

According to John Bowlby's attachment theory, this life stage is where a secure, avoidant, or anxious attachment comes into play.

How Can I Fix My Family?

Family therapists view each member of a family as reinforcing the behavior of others through feedback. While each may be part of the problem, they are also part of the solution.

Drug Overdoses are Leading Cause of Death for those under 50

Increased drug use has skyrocketed in recent years, bringing child abuse and abuse-related deaths.

If Your Therapist Harasses You: #MeToo

What happens when you've been sexually harassed and/or assaulted by your therapist?

What You Can Do to Help in Natural Disasters

From the massive destruction of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to Mexico's 8.1 earthquake and the 65 ongoing wildfires, people can feel overwhelmed. Here are some ways to help.

A Simpler Way to Get Along Without Asking About Feelings

Some people, and lots of men, have been raised not to feel and are at a loss when they are asked to identify a feeling. Or worse, they have been abused for their feelings.

Uncovering Hidden Causes of Indecision

There is nothing more frustrating and disempowering than not being able to make a decision. Here are some tips for helping you find your desires and voice your truth.

Childrearing Tips for Modern Families

Research reveals what successful families do that increase resilience & functioning in kids--a must-read for any families in crisis or that suffer from addiction

Finding Sanity in Today's Political Chaos

Research shows that recurring negative stories (on TV or engaging in repeated negative discourse with friends) can have a deleterious effect on our mental and physical health.

Communicating Through Conflict

Not all conflict may be solved, yet not all conflict is a foregone conclusion.

Essential Anxiety Cure Taught by Children

This is in response to a reader who asked why children seem to be able to bounce back from stress better than adults.

Nine Types of Love

Cats may have nine lives. Humans have nine loves. In fact, we can benefit from all nine of these types of love.

Why Do I Care What People Think?

Maslow said, "Sick people are made sick by a sick culture; healthy people are made possible by a healthy culture." Here's a test to help you discern your best road to health.

Are Women any Safer being Feminine?

This post is in response to the number of hostile comments to my post on Fear Behind Women in Power. Unfortunately, gender inequality issues persist regardless of poltical parties.

12 Keys to Love in the New Year

It's OK to kiss your partner during a fight.

Why is Child Abuse on the Rise?

Child abuse is back on the rise. It's not from who you think it is...

The Fear Behind Women in Power

With a woman running for president, what kind of differences do women bring to leadership? How far have women come and where are women's rights headed?

Recovery From Bullying Is a Lifelong Process

Bullying happens anywhere and at any time in life. It has long-term effects and touches everyone—from the victim to the onlooker and the bully. Learn myths and what you can do.

Baby Boomers Have Shorter Lifespans

While increasing numbers of the Great Generation are living past 100, Baby Boomers are facing earlier deaths at alarming rates, making Millennials the largest population group.

Twelve Surprising Results that Lead to Finding “Balance”

Years of research revealed twelve areas of life that need attention for balance and health. Which of these areas of your life are neglected or overdeveloped?

The 7 Rules for Texting in Relationships

The largest part of communication is non-verbal, so no wonder text wars ensue in relationships. Here a a few do's and don't to preserve your relationships (at work and home).

Food Allergies & Mental Health Misdiagnoses

The journey to finding the right diet that works for you can be long and laborious. Worse, it will impact your physical and mental health. Learn YOUR personal foods needs.

Attainable New Year's Resolutions

The top 2015 list of resolutions were general failures. Here's how to make resolutions that work--and that ultimately make you intrinsically happier. Marilyn Monroe got it.

You Can't Rush Grief

The biggest myth about grief is that acceptance is the end of the road, the solution, the place where pain doesn’t exist.

The Seeds that Give Birth to Terrorism

In a terrorist-filled society, here are some things to help in understanding its origins and what can possibly be done. Is the future worth it?

Two Serious Issues New Therapists Miss

Depression rates for American adults increased from 3.33 percent to 7.06 percent from 1991 through 2002 and is considered a worldwide epidemic by the World Health Organization. Highly comorbid with this are two serious issues (suicide and addiction) that therapists often miss.

Basics of Getting Beyond Trauma

Three debilitating things that can happen in a traumatic event. With any complex issue, there are a host of solutions that equal in complexity. This article is going to focus on one, and often missed, solution.

How to Resolve a Misundertanding

When mindreading doesn’t work, what can you do to improve your communication and lessen misunderstandings?

Releasing Constipated Grief

Chronic complaining is one of the many side effects of constipated grief. Sometimes people have cumulative grief from traumas and losses that have piled up. They are deep storehouses of pain that the person hasn’t been able to fully process or release, so they get clogged up.

The Dark Side of Deadlines

In our fast-paced, Internet-speed culture, we have become deadline-oriented and the costs are truly alarming. Not only does putting off a task until its deadline create stress, researchers found it also kills brain cells, lessens creativity, and that the associated stress can have a debilitating effect on one’s health. Here are some solutions to help.