Signs You're Taken for Granted

Don't settle. Love exists. Test to tell if you're not getting the nurturing you need.

Find Joy in Any Job

Did our parents accidentally mess us up by asking what we want to be when we grew up?

Intimacy in Bedroom Improves with Age

Sex with the wrong partner can have deleterious effects on your self-esteem. Learn the four keys to an awesome sex life.

Time Heals

We have everything inside of us and around us that can facilitate our healing (emotional and physical). All we need is to tap into a different kind of time frequency.

8 Ways to Talk to Difficult People

Dealing with difficult people? Want to keep smooth relationships with in-laws, family and co-workers? Desperately want to stop overreacting and losing your cool with your partner? Read this post to learn advanced ninja people skills, so you can keep your cool with even the most challenging encounters.

How to Get the Respect You Secretly Crave

People often crave and desire respect and love from others, yet often go about getting it in destructive ways. Motivated by fear and stress, they perpetuate the very behaviors that reinforce their misery. Uncover the process of healing and inner power that brings you healthy love and respect.

To Thine Own Self Be Who? Part III

Fear lies at the base of anxiety and most conflicts. Fear can drive our choices in relationships and careers. There are 9 main dominant fears that drive personalities (often unconsciously). Find out your type with remedies that will empower and inspire you.

To Thine Own Self Be Who? Part II

Some people are always early while others seem to run perpetually late. Is one really better than the other? Find the secrets to your personal temperament style and how it affects your work and relationships with others...and be sure to be true to yourself because mimicking what works for someone else may not be your recipe for success.

To Thine Own Self Be Who? (Part 1)

Take this test to find out of you could benefit from counseling right now.

When Work Is Toxic

Abuse in the workplace is deadly for the individual and the organization. Find out if these five abusive "Mobbing" signs are happening to you or in your organization.

8 Essentials for a Happier Life

So many of us want love. Healthy love. Here are 8 pearls of wisdom for cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships.

Speak Your Truth Because its more Valuable Than You Think

Speaking our truth is an essential part of mental and physical health. While we can take freedom of speech for granted as we blindly post status updates on Facebook, remembering the veterans who gave their lives for our right to speak just might be the motivation you need to speak your truth in your life.

Why We Blame Mothers

Most of us have unresolved issues with our mothers...why? As children, we fall down, scrape our knee and cry out for “Mama.” If our relationship is good, our mother has the ability to physically, emotionally, and spiritually restore us while tending our wound and comforting us. Yet if the relationship is bad...

The Formula for Staying Together

Too often we fall in love and hold on for far too long. Here's the research on relationship interactions that signal it's over. Some couples live in misery and wait YEARS after these signs occur. Perhaps you can determine if you're compatible before you get more committed or find peace in why a cherished but struggling relationship can't, or didn't, last.

How to Handle a Crazymaker

You walk away from every interaction wondering if you're crazy. Sometimes, it's not you. It's them. Consider if you're dealing with a crazymaker and find out how best to deal with them.

Finding the Answer Within

People's opinions can be confusing. Sometimes it's best to get quiet and seek the answers within. Here's how...

How to Talk to Your Kids after a Mass Shooting Incident

When 9-11 happened, we were called to rally together as a Nation. This tragedy calls upon each of us to confront our grief and come together.

Why Entrepreneurs Fail - Keys for Creating Success

Obama declared November National Entrepreneurship Month. Read on to learn why entrepreneurs fail and tactics that can be taken to insure success.

The Biggest Reason Entrepreneurs Fail

An examination of how hidden self-sabotage results in failed businesses and lost dreams.

A Spiritual Solution to Grief, Recovery & Free Will

Grief. Sometimes you don't have all the answers. Sometimes the best advice is no advice at all. Sometimes the best solution is Spiritual.

How to Get Unstuck

We can collapse in troubled times and succumb to genetic predispositions or we can cultivate resilience and rise above. Here's how...

Helping Children Survive Stress

Whether you're going through a high-conflict divorce, parenting after a relocation or parenting in the most secure and healthy situation, here is critical information that every parent must know. Please share this with a parent that you know if you don't have children. They'll appreciate it.

Tips for Starting Over and Rebooting Your Life

It's never too late for a life reboot. If you're reading this on the first New Moon of the New Year, you'll discover the essential recipe for creating resolutions. If you're reading this at another time, try it out on any other special day (like a first day of the week, a birthday, anniversary, or any special day that you declare as your life reboot day).

Illuminating Hidden Causes of Workplace Stress

From Wall Street to tiny cubicles across the U.S., employees real needs may be getting overlooked.

Adapting to an Empty Nest

It's back to school time. Here is some empathy for empty nesters and some parenting pearls for those still raising their children.

Mother Nature's Impact on Mood and Creativity

Sometimes weather blues can be a benefit for creativity.

Surviving Love & Heartbreak

Love brings out the worst and best in us. Its influence touches everything--it inspires art, poetry, endless stories, and has led to the creation of architectural marvels, lifesaving inventions, continuing the species, and at its worst, incited wars. Here's an explanation of why and how love controls human behavior more than any drug.

How a Baby's Brain Develops

What every Mom and Dad wants to know so they can raise their baby to be healthy and resilient (and how that same healthy parenting helps shape and save our world!).