Do You Feel Guilty About Having (or Not Having) Money?

Do You Feel Guilty About Having (or Not Having) Money? Our attitudes about money often come from our family. By Lisa M. Juliano, Psy.D.

What Exactly Is LGBTQ?

What Exactly Is LGBTQ? Does this "umbrella" cover the range of diversity? Eugenio A. Duarte, Ph.D.

The Price of Conforming to Gender Norms

The Price of Conforming to Gender Norms. We benefit from reflection on our “femininity” and “masculinity.”

What Is Healthy Narcissism?

Healthy narcissism is the joy of self-love, which can be powerful and sustaining.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Why can’t I lose weight? Optimism is key to taking off the pounds. By Julie Jarrett Marcuse, Ph.D.

Why Compassion for the Person You Divorced Is Important

Remembering the good about your ex benefits your child.

Good Enough Parents Are the Best Parents

Good enough parents are the best parents. There’s an obsession in our culture with perfection. By Don Greif, Ph.D.

6 Better Ways to Deal With Conflicts in Your Relationship

Can conflict be productive? Knowing how to fight can strengthen a relationship.

Why Do We Use Emojis?

What do emojis tell us? Sometimes our words benefit from the addition of pictures.

The Secret Reason Certain People Are Always Late

Why am I always late? Chronic lateness may be about power. By Julie Jarett Marcuse, Ph.D.

Why Love Can Make You Crazy

At the beginning of a relationship people often lose touch with reality.

Why Talk to a Therapist?

How does the relationship between therapist and client differ from that between friends?

How To Manage Your Social Anxiety

How To Manage Your Social Anxiety. Examining your thoughts and feelings can offer relief. By Max Belkin, Ph.D.

How to Have a Positive Body Image

It starts with how we relate to ourselves.

Eating Disorders and Romantic Relationships

How to help when your partner is struggling with an eating disorder.

Why Do I Feel So Awkward?

The hit show 'Hamilton' reminds us that “awkward” can be an opportunity.

Child’s Play: How Play Therapy Works

Child’s Play: How Play Therapy Works. Kids can’t always put their feelings into words. By Tomás Casado-Frankel, LMFT.

Reflections on New Year’s Eve

Reflections on New Year’s Eve. Be careful what you wish for! By Max Belkin, Ph.D.

How Do You Find a Therapist Who Will Understand You?

How To Choose A Therapist Who Will Understand You. What are the most important factors? By Philip J. Rosenbaum, Ph.D.

Should Anyone Change Their Last Name When They Marry?

What to consider if you’re uncertain about marital name change. This choice can have many different meanings.

Queer Orthodoxies

Queer Orthodoxies: LGBTQ issues, the Orthodox Jewish Community, and psychotherapy. By Alison Feit, Ph.D. and Alan Slomowitz, Ph.D.

What Is Hindering Your Success?

What Is Hindering Your Success? It Might Be the Fear of Losing a Part of Yourself. By Max Belkin, Ph.D.

7 Reasons Why Laziness Is a Myth

Debunking the Myth of Laziness. 7 reasons “slackers” don’t exert effort. Laura D. Miller, LCSW

Will a Pink Pill Make Me Horny?

Will a Pink Pill Make Me Horny? It depends on what kind of sexual problem you are having. By Susan Kolod, Ph.D.

4 Ways to Stop Procrastination Before You Start

Why Time “Management” May Not Help Procrastinators. Understanding your individual relationship to time is critical. By Jane Burka, Ph.D. and Lenora Yuen, Ph.D.

No One Likes a Complainer. Here's Why.

Do I Complain Too Much? How to complain more effectively. By Lisa Juliano, Psy.D.

Gay Marriage Ruling: Maybe We Can All Breathe More Easily

Gay Marriage Ruling: Maybe We Can All Breath a Little More Easily. Acceptance and inclusion makes us all feel better. By David Braucher, L.C.S.W., Ph.D.

“Micro-traumas” Can Undermine Our Emotional Health

“Micro-traumas” Can Undermine our Emotional Health. Subtly hurtful patterns of interaction often diminish self-worth and well being. By Margaret Crastnopol, Ph.D.

Why Falling in Love Can Be So Scary

Why Falling In Love Can Be So Scary. Powerful feelings of longing are unexpectedly stirred. By Melissa Ritter, Ph.D.

Did I Offend You? Take Responsibility for a Racial Slight

Did I Just Offend You? Taking Responsibility for a Racial Slight. We are often unaware of our own attitudes and biases. By Max Belkin, Ph.D.