What do you give a spouse whom you intend to divorce this Valentine's Day?

Until now, the answer may have been, "nothing," or perhaps a bag of coal. Or, if you were feeling particularly mean, divorce papers (I wish I could say I've never heard of anyone being served or told by their spouse they wanted a divorce on Valentine's Day, but I have).

According to a recent article in the Contra Costa Times, this past Fall a new gift card idea emerged from Great Britain. A law firm in London, England (Lloyd Platt & Company, Ltd.) offered divorce gift cards for the holiday season.

The company founder, Vanessa Lloyd Platt, told a Reuters reporter, "They sold well and [seemed] to appeal to an enormously widespread spectrum of people looking for that 'must have' gift for Christmas."

Not in the U.S. yet (at least not that I'm aware of), this trend may find its way over the pond in no time.

I don't recommend using a gift card, or my book, Contemplating Divorce, as the avenues for telling your spouse you're seriously considering ending the marriage - especially if you haven't yet broached the subject.

Instead, I suggest you have a heart to heart with your spouse and pave the way for what lies ahead in a kind and mature way. 

(I'm interested in your comments on whether you think a divorce gift card is a good idea for a future article so please let me know your opinion.)

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