How to Know if You’re Stuck in Your Grief Post-Divorce

Learn seven tools that can help you get through your divorce grief and push through to the other side.

What Affairs Are (and Are Not): Find Out If You're At Risk

Affairs may feel good in the moment but the wreckage they can create is definitely not worth it. The good news is that they are preventable. All you need is some awareness and tools.

The Secret Life of Married Parents

How would you react if your next door neighbor told you she and her husband had a Parenting Marriage? Would it make you mad, sad or would you want to know more?

How Do You Define Love?

Careful how you use the word, "Love." It just might be misunderstood and that can get you into trouble.

How Couples Can Stay Together by Changing the Rules

Before you call it quits, there just might be a solution in the gray between black and white.

What Marriage Offers and Why So Many Resist It

Since we don't need to marry for the same reasons we did even 20 years ago, should we just get rid of the marriage model or are there ways we can have the best of both worlds?

Could You Ever Stay in a Loveless Marriage? Some Are Trying.

There's now a way that unhappy couples with kids can stay and go at the same time.

Marriage and Divorce Aren't What They Used to Be

What's wrong with individualizing marriage and divorce since we all have different needs?

Marriage Needs To Change If It's Going to Survive

Ready to join the Occupy Marriage Movement?

Singles are Selfish. True or False?

What if we had more options than to marry the same old way or to not marry?

Millennials Are Changing the Rules on Marriage

Millennials want to marry—just not the same way their parents and grandparents did.

Why You Should Let Go of Your Bad Marriage

You Can't Get to What's Next if You're Still Clinging to Could Have Been.

The Sometimes Tragic Fallout of Staying Married Too Long

There's never a right time to leave, but there's definitely a wrong time to stay—a time when things start to get toxic because you know you should leave but you don't.

Can Couples Be Sexless and Happy?

Couples can be happily married and sex-free but they lose out on an important way to connect.

The Consequences of Leaving When You Should Stay

Thinking Through Your Decision of When to Leave Can Spare You, Your Spouse and Your Children Much Heartache

Who Cares About Love?

How can such a simple question stir up so much controversy?

Are You Hung Up on What Could Have Been?

Loss is so much harder to heal from when it's not your choice. Here are some tools to help.

Restraint of Tongue and Pen

Ever wish you could take back something you said to an ex in a heated debate? This article will help give you a perspective and some tools to avoid making a potentially big mistake.

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Marry for Love

Everything you've learned about love and marriage might be wrong!

An Open Letter To Therapists Who Help Clients Avoid Divorce

Are therapists unknowingly perpetuating societal shame when it comes to divorce?

Are You an "In-Spouse" or "Out-Spouse?" And Why it Matters

The spouse with the least knowledge is most vulnerable during a divorce

Break Ups Are Both Harder and Easier Today

What role does the Internet play in your relationship?

The Bad Business of Marriage

To sign or not to sign? What to know before you say "I do" to a premarital agreement.

Why a Stranger's Marital Advice Can Be Most Helpful

Some compelling reasons to reach out in a new direction for help

Can Therapists Actually Cause Divorce?

One Change Can Lead to Another (and Another...)

I’m Dreaming of a White-Knuckle Christmas:

There are many simple ways to avoid feeling bad on the holidays. This articles spells many of them out.

What If Divorcing People Had a Good Temporary Housing Alternative?

People leaving drug or alcohol addiction treatment have the option to go into what’s called, “transitional housing.” I have often dreamed of buying a property and converting it into transitional housing for people who are divorcing.

How Do You Know If Your Soon-to-Be-Ex-Spouse Is Hiding Money?

Whenever a divorcing client comes in and tells me that their spouse has said, “We don’t need lawyers,” I become wary. When that other spouse is self-employed, I become downright suspicious.

Single Mother Wants to (Ad-)Opt Out

An international news story broke Saturday about a woman in China who wants to give her two-month-old infant boy up for adoption, for free, due to her impending divorce from the boy’s father.