Google Glass is Going to Blind You: But Don't Worry

Wearing Google Glass could distract your mind with disastrous consequences, apparently. Although someone thought trains would be lethal to travel on and some people thought turning on the Large Hadron Collider would be the end of civilisation.

Five Reasons We Impulse Buy

Is your house full of products that you don't use? Why is it that we keep buying things we don't need? The answer lies in your unconscious mind and how retailers have learned to exploit it.

The Secret to Losing Weight

As someone who spends his working life studying consumers and, in particular, their unconscious minds, I often reflect on the difficulty of eating a healthy diet. A recent observation caused me to wonder if there might be a better way of influencing yourself to make better choices when you eat.

The Funniest Market Research Finding I've Ever Read

Often market research is funny in hindsight, when it reveals how wrong it can be. Sometimes the questions themselves are so silly they're funny even before anyone answers them.

Ban Government Before You Ban Nudges

People are understandably concerned about the ways in which government and regulators might be applying so-called nudge theory to their lives. But is arguing against nudge-style tactics, just an argument for less effective government?
Microsoft Office Imagery

Is the Green Campaign Over?

Robert Swan, a man who formed a company dedicating to preserving the Antarctic, has said that the current messages climate change aren't working. Consumer psychologist Philip Graves explores why we might not have responded to the campaign.

Feeding the Kids Horsemeat

Discovering that horsemeat has been substituted for beef in some of the food we buy is shocking: so is the fact that most people carry on buying it.