Can Technology Make Us More Human?

Do the advances in social media, artificial intelligence, robotics, and other technology threaten our basic nature as humans, or will technology enhance our humanness?

Key To Effective Decision Making: Constructive Controversy

Most important decisions are made by groups in which there are strong pressures to agree with high power persons and to not risk offending anyone by disagreeing with their ideas.

Why False News Endangers Democracy

Democracy will only exist as long as citizens honestly and with integrity advocate truthful positions. Once false news become commonplace, democracy is in danger.

Should Academic Achievement Be the Primary Goal of Education

We spend huge amounts of money determining whether schools are teaching academic material successfully. But is that the most important task for schools? Maybe not.

How Do You Know You Are An American?

Our national identity is primarily psychological

Assessing the Constructiveness of Political Discourse

The key to successful democratic elections is constructive political discourse. Often political discourse is destructive. Here is a framework for assessing its quality.

Are You a Conflict Positive Person?

There are many benefits to being a conflict positive person, someone who seeks out and faces conflicts and resolves them constructively.

Have You Had a Good Argument Recently?

Engaging in constructive controversy will not only make your day more enjoyable and interesting, but it has the potential to improve your decision making, increase your creativity, and raise the level of your cognitive and moral reasoning.