Occupy Wall Street: Just Say No to the Bullies

Don't we all have a little bully in us, even though we may prefer to call it "competitiveness" or "ambition"?

Facebook: More Tales of Chicken Soup for the Social Soul

What goes around comes around, very quickly on Facebook.

Facebook: Chicken Soup for the Social Soul

Facebook gives us a larger and more varied array of friends. What good are they?

Learning From Digital Natives: 6 Surprising Benefits

Talking about technology with kid is like talking about sex: You need to keep having “the discussion.” It will help both of you.

Elizabeth Edwards' Secret Weapon

How the ability to connect helped Elizabeth Edwards live a good life despite all she endured.

Social Movements Need Strong and Weak Ties

Can the “weak ties” we forge and nourish via social media motivate us to put our lives on the line for a worthy cause?

Four Reasons to Thank Everyone in Your Life

Thanksgiving is a time for family and close friends.  But why not make it a time to express gratitude to everyone, not just our intimates?

Social Strategies for Hard Times

After a layoff, the loss of connection is just as important as loss of income--maybe more so. 

Outsiders Can Make a Marriage Stronger

Understandably, many studies stress togetherness in marriage--but that's far from the whole story.  Outsiders can bring new life into a relationship.

The Paradox of Fleeting Relationships in Small Places

Relationship research suggests that we don't share our private selves only with our loved ones.  Sometimes, in fact, it's easier to open up to a complete stranger.  Here's why.

The Truth About Consequential Strangers

Such is the paradox of consequential strangers.  On her deathbed, psychologist Mindy Greenberg won’t be saying, “I wish I had spent more time with my doormen.”  Little Louie is replaceable. But he is also a one-of-a-kind, a person who changes her day in small, wonderful ways.

Making Time for Connections--or Not

A psychologist likes the idea of connecting with people, just not with everyone.

Will Pink Cleats Help NFL Players Win the Game?

Many social scientist today look at “the self” as broader concept, an identity shaped not only by our individual experiences but also by our relationships, mostly our consequential strangers. Each of us, of course, has a “personal” self that strives to be unique. But we are also “extended” selves, who seek connection and strive to be part of something bigger--beyond our selves, beyond our loved ones.

So Many Consequential Strangers, So Little Time!

Managing time in the age of social networking

Michael, We Think We Knew Ya

Did you feel like you "knew" Michael Jackson?  Can celebrities have relationships with mere mortals?  And what about the new niche-celbs who rise to online fame.  The author of a new book about casual relationships ponders our connections to the cult of celebrity--on and off the Internet.