Miracle on the Hudson: How a Strikeout Became a Home Run

The untold story of the "Miracle in the Hudson." Sheer dumb luck turned a disaster-making performance into a celebrated triumph.

Turbulence Injuries: Here We Go Again

Apparently, each time there is an incident, I am going to have to cover the same material again. So, here we go.

Who Am I? Someone? Or Nobody?

Celebrity is competitive. The outrageously competitive have no limits on what they do to get noticed. Winning often means being a bigger jerk than anyone else is willing to be.

Attenuation of Arousal: The Linchpin of Emotional Regulation

Stress hormones grab our attention and prepare us to run or fight, in case action is required. Thereafter, arousal needs to be sharply reduced so we can assess the situation.

Curing Fear of Flying in 140 Characters or Less

Sam was insistent. If I wasn't using Twitter to help people fly, I was missing something big.

Assessing Risk: Why It Troubles Us, and Why We Do It Poorly

A risk may seem significant even though it has never happened. Something that has happened only once can drive us up the wall. Why?

After a Crash: The Worst Mistake a Fearful Flier Can Make

Imagining the unimaginable releases massive amounts of stress hormones, and feelings of high anxiety, feelings that become pre-associated with future flying.

EgyptAir: Now What?

The cause will not be officially determined for some time. But no airliner has come apart in mid-air due to technical failure in more than sixty years.

How Likely Is Your Airliner's Engine to Fail?

Airliners can fly on one engine. Since that leaves no engine in reserve, pilots are required to land immediately if over land. But what happens over water?

The FlyDubai Crash: What Is Its Impact On You?

Imagination, when it is allowed to masquerade as reality, can cause high anxiety - and even panic - for no good reason at all.

Mandatory Reporting of Pilot Mental Health: Will It Work?

The problem at Germanywings was not the failure to identify a troubled pilot. The problem was failure to maintain two or more people in the cockpit at all times.

Emotional Regulation: Is There an App For That?

The ability to self-regulate is developed early in life. How well it develops depends upon the parent-child relationship.

Why We're Afraid of Heights

Will our plane fall? Will I lose control? What about the urge to fly like Mary Poppins? What if the view is too much?

How Wise Is "Better Safe Than Sorry?"

"Isn't it better to be safe than sorry? I've passed up opportunities to travel Europe with my husband. But, I think, isn't it better to at least still be alive?"

When Pilots Switch to a New Airliner, How Are They Trained?

Today's simulators are so realistic that takeoff and landing training can be done in the simulator rather than an actual aircraft.

Self-Awareness: Does It Increase Or Decrease Anxiety

Thoughts can cause the release of stress hormones.One way to limit stress is to limit inner awareness where troubling thoughts often reside. But, this strategy can lead to trouble.

Fear Can Make You Believe the Worst Will Happen. How?

Reflective function critiques our take on reality. When stress hormones cause reflective function to fail, it becomes impossible for us to know what is imaginary and what is real.

Is Terrorism Changing Your Life?

Given all the recent terror issues, I feel security cannot truly stop an individual intent on harm. Am I being anxious for no reason? Do you truly feel that our security measures are 100%?

The Essential Power Of Relationship

The most important psychological discovery in years, Porges' research explains how non-judgmental relatedness calms.

Don't Let Recent Events Cause Panic at the Airport

The news is disturbing. If we keep it out of awareness, we feel better. But, avoided concerns can catch up with us. If they hit all at once as we board a flight, panic may result. We are better off if we deal with disturbing news as it happens.

Are Discount Airlines Discounting Your Safety?

The door nearest the burning engine was opened and its escape slide deployed. Passengers slid down into smoke and nearby fire. Passenger Daniela Magro said "all the smoke" was a problem. "When we go down the slide, I couldn't see anyone because we went from the left side." Are all flight attendants being properly trained?

Is It Time To Worry When Flight Attendants Are Told To Sit?

Pilots try to turn the seat belt sign on early. This is because the flight attendants must put away loose items in the galley and stow the serving carts before they are seated.

Why It's So Hard for Anyone to Get Over Fear of Flying

Forty million isn't personally meaningful. But, the number one hits home. It's personal. What did people on that flight feel? Maybe they got on expecting nothing bad would happen.

The BA Engine Fire Is Scary, But Pilots Follow Procedure

Context is vitally important on a day like today after the British Airways plane experienced an engine fire as it began to take off at Las Vegas. Failures like this are extremely rare. But, pilots are ready to deal with these things if they do happen.

A Pilot Fearful During Flight as a Passenger

A pilot writes, "I understand all of the concepts of flying and the safety relating to it. This is not my problem. I’m afraid only when I’m a passenger. It’s the feeling of not being in control. Also, my fear fear is associated with the plane’s movements, and not knowing if a turn is coming or when it is coming."

"Inquisitr" Faux News Report Terrifies An Anxious Flier

The headline says, "Chicago-Bound Flight Diverted After United Express Airline Flight's 10,000 Foot Drop." The story calls this as "a minor accident." The plane did not drop. This was not an accident. The plane was flown - completely under control - to a lower altitude where pressurization was not needed.

Fear of Flying: Suffering From Imagination

Some of us can set improbably disaster aside. Others require it to be impossible. When uncertain, we are bothered by things that bothered us during childhood: being alone, powerless, not responded to, and unable to escape.

Can Using Xanax When Flying Cause PTSD?

“We barely made it. After we landed, they closed the airport. Thank God I had my Xanax to get me through it.” Though life-threatening events happen rarely in aviation, they happen routinely in the Xanax-fueled mind of an anxious flier. Threats to one's life, whether real or imagination-based, can lead to PTSD.

Arousal: Must It Mean Fear and Danger?

We can feel fear when safe. We can feel no fear when in danger. It takes more than feelings to determine whether we are safe or not. A sophisticated system hosted in the pre-frontal cortex does that.

BA's In-Flight Meditation: Good PR. Bad Psychology

Meditation can help a person keep anxiety-producing thoughts out of mind. It works only if the flight is smooth. If turbulence begins, no matter how deep the meditation, when the plane drops, stress hormones are released that push whatever is being focused on out of awareness, and refocus the person on thought of possible danger