Does a spoon full of sugar make aggression go down?

The potential for conflict pervades modern life. Yet, most confrontations do not result in aggression. Why? Sugar may be a sweet substitute for aggression.

What Does “Publish or Perish” Have to Do with You? More than You Think

     Most people hate to write. Even more people hate to write things other people read. And then there's a group of people, who seem normal in most respects, but who spend their lives trying to convince people to let others read what they've written. Believe it or not, you're part of what keeps them going.

Are We Living in the Age of Mental Illness?

     Think of how America has changed since the 1930s. Ask people to consider this and you'll get a standard set of responses. Some people will talk about disco, while others will talk about living in the Age of the iPod. Not one of them will tell you that we're living in the Age of Mental Illness--or that a loss of social connection might be the culprit.

What Can Your Dog Tell You About Your Self-Control? A lot

     What is the one thing that connects people with dogs? Believe it or not, it's the biological processes responsible for self-control.

What have we learned since Columbine?

11 years ago, the word "Columbine" broke into our collective conscious. Amidst tragedy, chaos, and suffering, psychologists have sought to make sense of this and other school shootings.

On the Costs of Avoiding Swine Flu

Swine occupies a place in people's minds that's hardly appetizing. On the cusp of a global pandemic of 2009H1N1 Flu (i.e., "swine flu"), people and governmental policies have begun separating people from the disease. Schools close, people stay home, and graduation ceremonies are cancelled. In the process, people have become separated from one of the most restorative medicines known to humankind---the power of social connection.

It’s all right to cry? Ask the Bachelor

     Ever thought the water in your eyes could captivate millions? Amidst a downtrodden economy, international wars, and many other national and global crises, Jason Mesnick-the most recent incarnation of ABC's "The Bachelor"-has the nation buzzing with a perennial question: Is it all right (for men) to cry?

Love sick on Valentine’s Day? You already have the cure.

 Ghouls and goblins haunt All Hallows Eve, but an even more powerful (and real) force frightens many Valentine's Day goers. Typically, people don't see it coming. It's the possibility of social rejection. If you're worried about that special someone rejecting you this Valentine's day, don't worry. You're already walking around with the cure

Can the Super Bowl and Barack Obama save lives? The Power of Social Connection

     Ask most people about their favorite part of the recent Super Bowl or Barack Obama's presidency and you'll get lots of different answers. Possible Super Bowl favorites include Big Ben's game-winning pass to Santonio Moss, Conan O'Brien's Bud Light commercial, or Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's delightful half-time performance. The greatest hits from the Obama presidency may include his inauguration speech, his order to close Gitmo, and his support for an economic stimulus plan aimed at creating millions of new jobs. But these highlights neglect a crucial aspect that events such as the Super Bowl and Obama's presidency can have on people. These events may have the power to save lives.