Creative Thinking is no Longer an Option, It's Essential

The future belongs to creative thinkers. The real currency of our time isn't money, it's ideas. You need to become an ideas generator whatever field you work in.

Is Being Normal a Disadvantage in Life?

Society assumes that conditions like ADHD and ADD are a handicap. There is increasing evidence that they are a huge advantage in real life.

Five Reasons You Should Write a Book, Now

There are some surprising benefits to writing – even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer.

The Art of Breaking Up

An example of how to apply creative thinking to breaking up with someone

Make a Present of the Present

There is a lot of talk about living for the moment. Maurice Ravel had a practical way to achieve it.

Do You Feel Inadequate? Good.

Feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt have a positive side. If we want to be more creative, perhaps instead of building our self-confidence, we should be nurturing our feelings of inadequacy?

Make Your Dreams Come True, Be Extreme

If you push yourself to extremes and find out what your true talents are.

Are You Too Busy to Be Yourself?

Are we so busy being busy that we've forgotten to be ourselves. One man found the answer.

Have You Been a Victim of Math Torture?

Children are missing out. Schools and teachers could help children to love math instead of dreading it.

Why Teaching Math in Schools Is Counterproductive

Research shows that teaching maths to early years in schools is a waste of time. Yet governments and schools persist with their outdated curriculums.

Learn How to Learn

Learning is not about creating a store of knowledge. To learn, the mind has to be completely free. The mind cannot learn for a purpose. It has to explore in an open ended way.

Sexology: Publicly Exploring a Private Act

Scientists and artists explore sex in different ways - but who goes deepest?

Seduced by Beauty

We should be wary of the power of beautiful design to seduce us.

Don't Be Consumed by Consumerism

How can we fight back against the negative effect consumerism has on our lives?

Can a Sex Doll Replace a Real Woman?

Artist Oscar Kokoschka made a life size replica of his ex-lover. He treated the mannequin as a partner and took her to parties and the opera.
Rod Judkins

How to Cope With a Traumatic Past

Artist Anselm Kiefer shows us how to confront and deal with traumatic events from the past.

Think With Your Hands

Psychologists are now recognizing something that artists have intuitively always known, that we think with our hands as much as our brains.

Rock Bottom Is a Good Starting Point

We are often at our best after our biggest failures. There is a need to move on, do things differently, better.
Rod Judkins

A Way to Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a common problem. An English artist found a fascinating way to overcome and highlight the issue.

There Are Times When You Shouldn't Compromise

Picasso believed we should refuse to compromise our creative ideals for practical needs, 'One must have the courage of one's vocation and the courage to make a living from one's vocation.'
Rod Judkins

Five Tips for Getting Inspired and Staying Motivated

There are some key abilities and methods needed to bring a project to a conclusion. They are explained here with examples.
Rod Judkins

We Can Learn From Dyslexia How to Think Creatively

Dyslexia can be an attribute for innovation, idea generation and creativity
Rod Judkins

Nostalgia Boosts Optimism About the Future

Studies show that nostalgia increases our sense of meaning and purpose.
Rod Judkins

Caring Deeply Brings Highs, Lows, Elation, and Depression

If you care about something, you pour your emotions into it, get excited, frustrated, disappointed, delighted, and exhausted. It is ultimately more fulfilling than a safe but uncreative existence.

Suit Yourself

Research has discovered that wearing casual clothes in the office enhances your standing among co-workers.
Rod Judkins

Rejection Stimulates Creativity

Rejection makes us stronger. It helps us to improve as people and to improve our work.
Rod Judkins

How to Achieve the Perfect Work-Life Balance

How can we achieve a lifestyle where we are truly and authentically ourselves?
Rod Judkins

The Effects of Effective Social Media Use

Media like Twitter are extensions of the human senses—they expand our ability to perceive our world.

Make Yourself Understood

Great creative minds don’t complicate their subject – they simplify and clarify. It’s possible to become lost in language and ideas. To use words to make yourself sound clever, rather than actually be clever.
Rod Judkins

You're Closer to Your Parents Than You Realize

Fascinating photographs reveal the striking genetic similarities between parents and children.