Blinded by Science? Open Your Eyes

You wouldn’t take a pill or subject your body to treatment that’s not been tested to work; why subject your mind to it?

Be Yourself, Act Yourself, and Be a Hero

The first step on this “heroic journey”, to be a hero for your children, spouse, friends, or coworkers, is simply to know who you are.

Why (Almost) Everyone Is Happy About Same-Sex Marriage

How is it that a topic that was deeply divisive for years becomes so vastly supported, almost unanimously perceived as a victory?

Putting the Happiness Back in “Young and Happy”

Happiness is a by-product of the pursuit of success, rather than successful accomplishments. Individuals who are actively engaged in the pursuit of goals that are meaningful to them, experience a range of positive emotions and become happier.

Snow and the Choice of Joy

It’s all a matter of perspective, and the adult, practical perspective, sometimes even cynical, misses out on opportunities to experience such sheer joy.

The Psychological Antidote – Part II

If today we choose to show others how similar we are to them instead of how different, we may prove their dehumazing thoughts wrong, break the vicious cycle of dehumanization, and prevent tomorrow’s violence by creating a situation that reduces the motivation for conflict.

The Psychological Antidote to ISIS – Part I

Can we humans look at ourselves in the mirror today and confidently like what we see? If aliens are watching us from faraway galaxies, how would they describe us today? Are we the predators at the top of the food chain, or perhaps a virus infecting the planet, as Agent Smith in the film The Matrix suggested?

How to Avoid the BS

There’s something to be said about doing the right thing at the right time. To simply ask yourself: “What is the most useful thing to say or to do right now?” “Is there a future, better context, in which what I am planning to say/do is better?” “and if it is not good for now and not good for later, is it possible that it is utter bullshit?”

Have a New York Moment Today (Wherever You Are)

I guess New York moments are cool, because they involve self-expression: doing the weird thing without caring what people think. They also involve situations that bring together people from all walks of life, often around food (the cronut, donut, bagel, hot dog, and pizza – food that transcends social status, gender, and age). In one word – New York Moments are casual.

Go on The Road Right Now

As the New Year starts, go on the road. Think of a way you can detach yourself from your everyday schedule for a little while.

Choose Your 2015 Resolutions Wisely - Go For the Day After

If your goals are inherently meaningful to you, you will be thrilled to imagine the day after, but for goals that you are not truly and intrinsically motivated to pursue, you may find that your vision of that day is not as fun.

Top Five New Years’ Resolutions - The Wisdom of Taxi Drivers

And always remember: a taxi ride can be a unique opportunity to take a step back and reflect, especially if you are guided by the right driver.

Your Inventory of Good

Being grateful means that you check the balance of your life-account intentionally. You don’t have to lose it to appreciate its wealth, and when you find it, it’s like finding a treasure or winning the lottery.

Stop Looking, Open Your Eyes and Start Seeing

If you take control over your attention, you can change the reality you experience. There may be a hairy gorilla waving its arms at you every day.

How to Buy Happiness Instead of Selling It

Like money, happiness is also a currency, and at the end of the day the goal is to buy some happiness instead of exchanging it for cash.

Reality Isn’t Really Real

Our ability to construct a story is often what makes us suffer, and writing a new story could therefore heal.

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built one day at a time. If you examine your childhood plans, and break them down into daily tasks, you may discover that you have what it takes, you can afford it, and that you are not too old.

The Lesson Our Children Can Teach Us About Finding Meaning

We didn’t see what was there – we saw what it could be. And fueled by this vision, we enjoyed working together to make it materialize, even if it doesn't last.

Three Bedtime Reflection Routines that Will Help You Sleep

There’s a lot going on in the critical moments when you lie in your bed with your eyes closed. As you slowly fall asleep, your brain goes through the gradual process of disengaging from the external world, and quieting your normal train of thoughts.

The One Thing You Can Do Right Now to Grow Younger

To make your river run again, to be zestful, passionate, and hopeful, to refuel your dreams with the thrill of your youth, all you have to do is go out and play.

The Risks of Distracted Living

A mind that is constantly distracted is not only dangerous and unproductive. It is unhappy and lacks a sense of purpose.

What Is the One Thing That All Humans Share?

Many of us tend to think that noble and transcendent values like peace and love are what brings humanity together. That may be right, but I’d like to argue that it’s all about complaining. Let’s complain more.

This is Your Brain on Oxygen

Breathing exercises have been shown to affect multiple parts of the brain, including: the release of oxytocin and activation of pleasure and motivation neural centers. Here’s what your brain looks like on oxygen, along with a simple breathing exercise you can practice each day.

Is There an Ultimate Destination?

I spent five weeks on the road riding in contemplation and meeting with different experts, scientists, and authors. I started out with specific plans in mind, but it was only when I let go and let the road carry me to new places that I started to experience what the road truly had to offer.

5 Ways to Make Yourself Happier in the Next 5 Minutes

Happiness is a lifelong pursuit of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. But while it could take years of persistence to deeply transform your life, there are scientifically-tested strategies that are shown to provide an immediate happiness boost.

Emergency Room Serenity

When you truly stop to give someone else your undivided attention, you enjoy real serenity. The kind that you can only find in places like the Emergency Room.
Always Ask for Directions

Always Ask for Directions

When I was on the road, riding my motorcycle across the country, I used mobile applications to navigate, to find the best places to spend the night, and to calculate the number of miles left in my tank. Yet somehow, I still found myself stopping to ask for directions every day.

The Ultimate Rock’n’Roll Intervention

Back home after the show, I crossed off another item from my bucket list, and made a big mental note to inject a little childlike enthusiasm in everything I do. To not take myself too seriously. Be cool like the Stones. Perhaps, if you try sometime, and do it with joy, you might find that you actually get what you want.

Steve McQueen Changing Diapers

It turns out that being a great man is, in fact, the most fatherly thing, and being a great dad is the manliest.

A Crying Face in the Crowd

When the light finally changed, as I started to turn, in the corner of my eye I saw an old man in the car next to me. His hands gripped the wheel firmly and his face was distorted with agony, crying and screaming.