Sobering News on Suicide

The Internet has not lived up to its promise as a suicide prevention tool

The Impossible Life of the Online Moderate

Saying that the Internet is a boon for the recruitment of radicals by radicals is a true but small part of the story.

Logging in to Your Therapy Session

Will the Internet cure the shortage of mental health providers?

The 21st-Century Way to Punish Kids

A new parent-child reward-punishment dynamic centered on technology.

Hoarders and Collectors

A hoarding diagnosis should have nothing to do with a person’s net worth or a clinician’s take on what is worth collecting and what does not deserve getting attached to.


As bullying has moved from the school bus to the social network, new challenges, including a worrisome link with suicidality, have emerged. A non-sensationalistic, evidence-based approach is needed to confront what has become a clear public health problem.

Paging Dr. Google

If you constantly go online in search of health information, but end up feeling more anxious as a result, you may want to type "cyberchondria" into the Google box.

Is It Therapy or Is It a Video Game?

Can an intervention inspired by, or at least using the same tools as, addictive video games be therapeutic? Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, or VRET, is here, and it has more than a few things in common with World of Warcraft.


The medical and psychiatric profession, like the fashion industry, is prone to producing fashion victims. Diagnoses come and go, sometimes more as a function of taste than a research-proven change in their true frequency. Diagnostic guides like the DSM have more in common with Vogue than is comfortable to admit.

Cut and Paste

Plagiarism is hardly just a classroom epidemic. It is a copying-and-pasting, news-regurgitating, meme-propagating culture, and we are all partaking.

Virtual Armageddon

The brutal "state of nature" feared by philosophers is reborn online. The real life consequences are calling for desperate measures that will curtail anonymity, freedom and much of what we like about the Internet.

Perfectly Beautiful

Body dysmorphic disorder, or BDD, is a serious appearance-based affliction. BDD sufferers feel unbearably ugly, and little you can say can change their minds. However, when BDD affects a patient's loved one, as when a patient starts believing that a child or spouse is unbearably ugly, the diagnosis takes on a new meaning and new toll.

The Endless Shades of OCD

Why would an otherwise healthy woman needlessly worry about stomping a baby to death?

Downtime Allergy

We live by a new and blurred calendar. One consequence of the digital revolution is the explosive growth in productivity. Another is that we are now constantly on call for work. The lines that separated weekends from weekdays, “eight to five” from the rest of the twenty-four-hour cycle, and workdays from holidays or vacations now feel antiquated.

YouTube takes away user anonymity

The Internet has proven utterly incapable of self-policing, and some external enforcer is needed if a site wants to maintain a minimum of civility among its members.

They Met on the Psych Ward

Love blossoms in the strangest places, and there is something wonderfully life-affirming about that.

Muting a Therapist: The Case of Dr. Rafah Nashed

War casualty: a psychoanalyst is muted for the crime of treating a traumatized population.

Grieving 9/11, Online

if grieving feels simple, easy or more efficient online, then maybe we are diminishing the process somehow.

So Long, Steve Jobs, and Thanks for the Apps

We trusted him with nothing less than our brains, allowing ourselves to become physiologically hooked on one genius product after another. What to do now when the "fix" starts yielding less and less of a "high"? Where do we flock? Who do we ping? What do we download?

The Great Recession of Our Virtual Lives

We used to want to keep up with the Joneses. Now, it's our online alter egos we are competing with. Could our new relationship with money be contributing to our economic woes?

Rise of the Online Narcissist

More than ever, the Internet and "personal media" are putting us in the driver's seat, and that is making us more narcissistic.

What Is Virtualism? (And Why You Should Care.)

How our real life persona increasingly resembles that of our avatar...

Googling Your Medical Record

Do you worry that personal information that your doctor types into your electronic medical chart will have the same level of privacy as your Facebook status updates? Privacy is passe, but how about for your health record?

The Psychiatrist as Barista

The Psychiatrist as Barista: Can We Caffeinate Our Anxiety Away?

The Biology of Psychotherapy

Brain imaging studies are showing that a form of therapy known as cognitive behavioral therapy produces changes in the brain that are similar to what Prozac-like drugs do. What does this tell us about how psychotherapy works?