How to Cope When Your Friends Start Going Ga-Ga Over Babies

Some women say they feel a strong yearning to become a mother.

Discrimination Against Childfree Adults

Childfree adults are speaking out more and more these days about discrimination, and while this murmur growing to a small uproar is actually a surprise to many who didn't realize the discrimination existed, consider the following real life examples

Childfree Adults— Not All Alike: Three Subtypes Explored

Misconceptions about childfree adults, many of which are unflattering, abound. Such misconceptions lead to typical stereotyping, in which a group of people is treated as a whole, as if they were all exactly the same. The reality is that childfree adults are as varied as any other category of men and women.

The Rift Between Parents and Childfree Adults—Why Can’t We Just Get Along?

Why can't parents and child-free adults get along?

A Woman’s Biological Need to Nurture—And How To Satisfy It When You’re Not a Mom

How does a woman satisfy the biological need to nurture when she's not a mom? 

To Be or Not To Be a Mom?

The choice of whether or not to have children is probably the most important one of a woman's life.  But a child is your responsibility for the next eighteen years, and on some levels for the rest of your life.