The Secret to Staying Close to Your Partner

Being vulnerable and disclosing our underlying wants, needs, and emotions can create the closeness in our relationship that we say we want.

How Emotions Guide Our Lives

Exploring our emotions is a worthy endeavor for anyone hoping to know and develop themselves, build healthy relationships, and pursue what they want in life.

How to Choose a Better Partner

Here are four ways to break out of the same dating cycles and choose batter partners and relationships.

Changing Your Sense of Identity

How can we challenge a prescribed sense of identity, peel back the layers, and find out who we really are?

Are You Living With an Accidental Identity?

While we can change our identity at any point in life, in order to live freely as our truest selves, we have to explore the early influences that injured our sense of who we are.

Is Narcissism Shaped by Attachment Style?

Recent research has explored connections between the two main types of narcissism and the early attachment style a person experienced.

Are You Creating Your Own Nightmare in Your Relationship?

In our adult relationships, we often select, distort, and provoke our partners to recreate dynamics from our past. How can we stop this cycle?

What Is Your Role in Your Relationship?

Couples get into trouble when one person takes the role of a parent, and the other the role of a child. Breaking down this dynamic can reveal how it's hurting our relationship.

The Role of Anger in Depression

The more we can take our own side and resist the tendency to turn our anger on ourselves, the more we can challenge our depression.

What Drives Our Loneliness?

Our fight against loneliness is more of an internal struggle than we may imagine. It is primarily a matter of standing up against our inner critic and challenging our core defenses

Be the One to Help Save a Life from Suicide

In a given lifetime, all of us will likely encounter someone in crisis. That's why it’s so important to know what we can do to help.

The Unselfish Art of Prioritizing Yourself

Maintaining a certain regard for ourselves, doing things we want to do, and engaging in self-care are fundamental to creating a good life for ourselves and the people we love.

How to Not Lose Track of What’s Really Important

Between our fantasy of how things should go and an inner critic telling us how awful we are if they don’t, we're often too caught up in our heads to be fully present in our lives.

A Guide to the Fantasy Bond

Many struggles we face in our current interpersonal relationships arise from a core defense formed in childhood known as the “fantasy bond.”

Take Control of Who You Are in Your Relationship

In any relationship, we can never control the other person, but when we change our reactions to triggers, we're much more likely to shift the dynamic and get what we want.

5 Ways to Really Get Closer to Each Other

Many people struggle with vulnerability, but fail to realize the ways they protect or distance themselves from others. Being vulnerable in our actions can save our relationships.

Is Being Proud of Your Kids Really about You?

As parents, we can overly connect to our kids and fail to see them as separate people who own their own accomplishments. This leaves kids longing to be seen for who they truly are.

Is Cynicism Ruining Your Love Life?

Being open-minded and optimistic can enhance our well-being and mental health as well as our interpersonal relationships. Cynicism will often do the opposite.

Suicide in the Media

Talking about suicide is essential to getting people the help they need. However, the way in which we discuss, depict, and report on suicide is extremely important.

Are You the Pursuer or the Distancer in Your Relationship?

In most relationships, one partner has more desire for closeness, while the other has more need for distance. If you are part of a couple, which one are you?

Secrets to a Less Stressful Life

No matter what it is that’s making each of us anxious, we can all arm ourselves with the tools to help us stay calm, centered, and feeling strong in the face of challenges.

What Goes On in the Mind of Your Therapist?

Good therapists aim to see their clients without the overlays on their personality generated by the past, and they take steps to help people eventually see themselves the same way.

Creating a More Positive Identity

What keeps us from truly being ourselves? When we side with our inner critic, we accept a prescription for our identity that was written by our past but limits us in the present.

Be Mine: Dealing With Possessiveness in a Relationship

There are many ways people try to control their partners in an effort to calm their own emotions. How can we break these patterns and achieve an equal and trusting relationship?

Why Do People Have a Type?

We're often attracted to people for the wrong reasons. If we want to know why we keep winding up with the same type of person, the answer dates back to our earliest relationships.

Why Relationships Scare Us

Some people are afraid of being tied down, while others are terrified of being alone. Whatever our fears may be, they have roots in our past that we must understand to overcome.

How to Reduce Self-Criticism and Make Real Change

Self-criticism limits us and our ability to achieve our goals. To live a freer life as your true self, here are some psychological resolutions that are well worth making.

Let Go of Your Inner Critic, an Unwelcome Holiday Guest

To be the most present and ourselves during the holidays (or any season), we must let go of our inner critic.

The Importance of the Relationship in Therapy

What's ruptured in relationships is best healed in a relationship. An attuned therapist offers someone, not just a new way of looking at themselves but at relationships in general.

Is Your Past Controlling Your Life?

Many patterns we develop in our past shape how we act and react in the present. So, what are the ways we get stuck in the past and relive rather than live our lives?