The Las Vegas Massacre and Gun Control

Should we all be calling for gun control and mental health reform today? Here are some reasons to wait just a few days.

NAMI's Identity Crisis

Is NAMI's upcoming board of director election really about involuntary psychiatric care?

A Simple Solution to the Bed Shortage? Unfortunately, Jail.

A new solution to a shortage of psychiatric beds: Send the patients directly to jail. (No criminal behavior needed.)

Laws to Force Treatment Are Not the Answer to Mass Murder

Mass murder is a rare but terrifying event and when the perpetrator has a mental illness, it's tempting to think that laws to force care will prevent tragedies.

Listen to Our Discussion of Forced Psychiatric Care

Listen to yesterday's NPR's Diane Rehm Show on forced psychiatric care.

A Discussion of Involuntary Psychiatric Care on NPR

The authors of the new book, Committed: The Battle Over Involuntary Psychiatric Care will be on NPR's Diane Rehm show on Tuesday, November 29th.

Are You Decisive?

How decisive are you? Researchers at Johns Hopkins are doing a survey on the nature of Doubt. Take a brief survey and learn something about yourself!

Behind the Book: On Writing About Forced Psychiatric Care

Forcing people to get psychiatric care is a polarizing issue. Does it have to be? Hear how these authors took on this disturbing topic.

Forced Psychiatric Care: What Could Be More Controversial?

Are you for or against forcing people to get psychiatric treatment? Will it make us all safer?