Bored, Blue or Blah? 4 Ways to Cope (Without Eating!)

Do you munch when you are bored? Most of us do! Here are some easy, scientifically researched ways to beat boredom eating.

The Best Strategy for Eating Healthier in 2015

It's a new year! Are you READY to eat healthier? This article gives you a new strategy for ditching ineffective fad dieting and 5 essential behaviors that will help you eat healthier this year.

The 9 Best Ways to Avoid Overeating Halloween Candy

Do you or your kids eat way too much candy during Halloween? Here are 9 expert strategies that will help you eat your favorite candy more mindfully this year and do some Halloween candy-coma prevention.

Five Ways to Be the Most Mindful Version of You

You've probably heard the phrase, "be the best version of you!" My version is: "be the most mindful version of you!" Here are five easy tips to help transform you into a healthier, happier version of yourself.

Be at Your Best, not Hangry (Angry + Hungry)

Do you get irritable when you're hungry? We all do! Emotions have a big impact on the way you eat and what you eat has a big impact on your emotions. Here are five tips for eating in a way that helps you to be at your best.

The Surprising Skill That Can Help You Eat Healthier

Improving the way you eat is not easy. This article looks at a new study in the Journal of Health Behaviors. It discusses an important skill that is critical to eating better. The skill is not what you think.

What Foods to Eat for a Better Sex Life

Can certain foods improve your sex life? This new study looked at one food that may be linked with a better libido.

Key Strategies for Helping Clients Eat More Mindfully

Are you a professional who helps people eat more mindfully? I've started a free series to share with other professionals (dietitians, therapists, physical therapists, doctors etc.) some of my best strategies for helping clients be more conscious and mindful when they eat.

The Best Mid-Morning Snack to Keep You Satisfied & Energized

Do you need a snack that will keep you energized, feeling satisfied and prevent you from being overly hungry by the time lunch hits? This article reviews a recent study that investigated one of my favorite snacks.

TV Programs That Help You Avoid Overeating

Does your favorite TV show impact how much you eat? You may be surprised to learn that the type of TV show you watch may actually may make a big difference. A new study examines the content of TV programs and the impact on mindless eating.

4 Ways to Quit the Clean Plate Club

Do you have difficulty leaving the last few bites on your plate? Maybe you were part of the "clean plate club" as a kid. If so, read these 4 mindful eating tips to eat what you want and leave the rest.

2 Simple Ways You Can Help Your Clients Eat More Mindfully

Do you have patients/clients who come to you seeking help losing/managing weight and eating healthier. There a few simple strategies that can help you guide your clients in this direction. Learn what they are here.

Finding the Best Food Plan

How do you know if your diet is a scam? Here are some key words to look for when you are picking a food plan. Recently, the senate held big businesses and celebrities to the task for promoting products that don't work and highlighted deceptive language that entices the consumer.

7 Body Image Tips from Dove's New "Patches" Campaign

Have you seen Dove's new campaign: Patches? Read about what happened when 10 women were given a revolutionary new "patch" to feel better about their body. I interviewed the lead researcher to learn more about this thought provoking new campaign. Dr. Kearney-Cooke gives us 7 tips people can take away from the study to help you feel good about your body today.

Foods that Help Ease Emotional Eating & Pain

No one likes pain. Not only does it slow you down and drag down your mood, it can also lead to emotional eating. The good news is that there are some alternative ways to use food in positive ways to help ease pain.

How to Boost Your Brain Power with Food

Do you spend a lot of energy trying “not” to eat? This month I challenged readers to do something radically different. Rather than focusing on subtracting foods from your diet, try working on mindfully adding healthy food to your plate each day. I asked professor of psychology, Dr. Amy Jo Stavnezer, to help us understand the mental and physical benefits.

1 Easy Way to Eat More Mindfully

Do you want to eat more mindfully? This one tip will help you enjoy food more without changing what you eat. It's based on a new study in the journal of Psychological Science.

How to Be a Mindful Eater

How do you know a mindful eater when you see one? They tend to do these 6 things. If you want to brush up on your mindful eating skills, start with these!

Why Do I Crave Chocolate During My Period?

Ever wonder why chocolate cravings go into overdrive during PMS? Here are some biological reasons why and surprising emotional drivers.

Why Do We Crave Chocolate So Much?

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I consulted a neuroscience expert to help us understand why we crave chocolate above and beyond many other foods. Dr. Stavnezer explains the dopamine connection and interesting chocolate research (and tips on how to cope!).

Love Chocolate? 10 Good Reasons to Indulge Mindfully!

Expert advice from author and nutritionist, Cynthia Sass, on why dark chocolate is a great option! 10 surprising facts.

5 Foods For a Healthier, Calmer You!

Do you nibble when you eat? Most of us do! Here are 5 scientifically studied foods that can help you be calmer and happier.

The 15 Best Quotes to Inspire Perseverance

“Fall seven times and stand up eight” –Japanese Proverb. The ability to keep going in hard times is amazing and powerful! See these quotes to get inspired.

The 10 Best Quotes on the Power of Positive Thinking

10 great quotes to help you think positively today!

5 Ways to Brace Your Appetite for the Chilly Weather

Baby it's cold outside! During this arctic blast don't be surprised if you notice an increase in your appetite. Here are 5 ways to warm up your body while cooling down your appetite.

Are You a Stress Eater? Try Stressipes!

Struggling with stress eating? Elisa Zied, dietitian and author, gives us some helpful tips.

5 Ways to Eat More Mindfully in 2014

Take the Mindful Eating Pledge, which outlines five simple behaviors that can radically stop mindless overeating and comfort eating.

One Must-Have Kitchen Utensil to Easily Eat Healthier

This article discusses a new research study out of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. It talks about one kitchen utensil that will effortlessly help you to eat healthier.

Eat Chocolate Cake, Lose the Guilt

A new study in the journal of Appetite examined the impact of guilt on weight loss and healthy eating. Here are 5 steps to eating without guilt.

Let It Go! 4 Tips

Did you see the Disney movie, Frozen, this weekend? It has a lot to teach us about how to, "Just let it go." Here are 4 tips to "Let Go!" (See the youtube clip from the movie).