My favorite gifts to give on the holidays are not something to “have” but something my friends and family can “do." Consider this year putting aside the wrapping paper and giving an "out of the box" gift. Think about presenting at least one person you love or a friend the gift of “doing” and movement this holiday.

Here are some ideas (there are many more!). Give a gift certificate, tickets, admission fee or make a homemade coupon. These ideas range in price, activity level and adventure so think carefully about the person receiving the gift. It’s a great way to help people to get moving, active and a little out of their comfort zone this year. 

Admission for Ice skating

Ski lift tickets

Tickets to a local museum

Gift certificate to an exotic/new restaurant

A ticket to a historical site

Craft lessons

Admission to a workshop, class or lecture

Tickets to the zoo

Tickets to a movie

A cooking class

A wine tasting event

A chocolate tasting event

A film festival

A boat rental

Admission to local pool

Admission to bowling or golf

Reservation for camping

Gift certificate for horseback riding

Sledding, build a snow angel, snow ball fight

A coupon to walk your dog together or to walk their dog for them

Tennis lessons

Playdate at the playground

A kite to fly

Knitting lessons

Tickets to a food show

Feel free to post your own suggestions or a gift of "doing" that you've received.

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