A Medical Rx for a Stress Free Holiday

A stress-free Holiday Season is really possible. Read how you can allow the joy of the season be your Holiday Lifestyle.
Switch Your Brain Into Sleep Mode: On Demand

Switch Your Brain Into Sleep Mode: On Demand

You have the ability to switch your brain into Sleep Mode on demand.

Wake Up Your Senses and Fall Asleep

Can't sleep? Its not you, its your Mind Cloud

Buy,Sell or Hold: The Right Decision in 5 Minutes

You have the ability to make the right decisions and outperform the stock market.

Improve Your Relationship in Five Minutes

Can you really improve your relationship in five minutes? The answer is yes. Find out the "how to" of this powerful clinically proven way to improve your most important relationship.

Success through Your Mind-Body Connection

What's stopping your success? A unified mind-body connection makes success possible.
Convert Stress Into Self-Power

Convert Stress Into Self-Power

Does life seem to be like pushing a huge boulder uphill? Wouldn't you like to just let it go and harness its power as it races down the hill? You don't have to just imagine what having that power would be like as you can possess it.

You Don't Have to Get Rid of Cravings

It's not the triggers, it's not your DNA, it's not your childhood, it's not your disease and it's not your cravings that make addictions. So, what is it?

Infidelity: Not Missing The Signs

When a relationship is suddenly "on the rocks", how many times have you heard one or the other partner say: "I didn't see it. I didn't know." What happens when you are out of tune with your partner?

Healing after Trauma: Your Birthright

You are always connected to a well-spring of healing, goodness and wisdom.

The Thinking Box

Are you living your life with your thinking in a box?