You Can Learn to Be Happy and More Optimistic. Really.

Who doesn't want to be happier and more optimistic about life?

Happy and Joyous All the Time?

Minor shifts in mood are normal.

Is Fear of Happiness Real?

Free from fear of happiness

Your Moods and Your Foods

Food and your mood are closely linked, and here are some tips to help.
The Up Side of Feeling Down

The Up Side of Feeling Down

While a lot of focus is on feeling happy, there's research supporting the value and benefits for having occasional negative moods.

You'll Make It When You Fake It

Smiling, even when we don't mean it, can change our mind and body for the better.
Fun with Fractals?

Fun with Fractals?

What are fractals and can they reduce stress?

Opening Your Happiness Valve

Your mind/body manufactures some powerful drugs.

Happy Pills or Useful Skills?

Today antidepressants are the single most commonly prescribed medication in America, with 1 in 10 adults taking one. For the patients who suffer from severe clinical depression, these new pharmaceuticals have been a godsend. For everyone else, the picture is not so clear.

Fog that Can Block Out Joy and Happiness

If you walk around all day in a ‘fog of distress’ it can obscure the sight of joy, happiness, success, and contentment that should be part of your life.