Politics, Values, and Youth Sports

With the political blitz on “values,” where do sports fit in?

Don’t Ignore Kids Who Aren’t Star Athletes

Sport stars usually get lots of attention from their parents. But all children and adolescents need parental attention, love, and support―regardless of their ability.

Resolving Disputes About Playing Time

Implementation of a Performance Evaluation System combats the primary source of conflict between youth sport coaches and parents.

Disciplinary Problems and Bullying in Youth Sports

Removal from sports is a last resort that should occur only after reasonable efforts have been made to correct the problem.

How to Develop Mentally Tough Young Athletes

Mental toughness can give kids a winning edge in sports and in other areas of life.

What Are the Qualities of Competent Coaches?

“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.” John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach

Are Athletes Good Role Models?

Being a sport superstar doesn’t automatically qualify a person to be a role model. What are the credentials for the job?

Youth Sports 101 Revisited: More Tips for Moms and Dads

Youth sports are not a free babysitting service! To help youngsters get the most out of athletics, parents can make positive contributions by following some effective guidelines.

Failing in School vs. Playing Sports

Should underachievement in the classroom keep kids from playing sports?

Choosing the Right Sports for Kids

Getting the proper child-to-sport fit shouldn’t be a crap-shoot.

Are Youth Sports Too Stressful?

Parents beware! High levels of anxiety in sports can negatively affect kids’ enjoyment, performance, and physical well-being.

Bras for Female Athletes

Special attention should be given to the support and protection of the female breast in vigorous sport activities.

How to Deal With the “Agony of Defeat”

Losing in sports can cause emotional turmoil.

How to Deal With the “Joy of Victory”

Winning creates unique challenges for youth sport athletes and adults.

Keys to Preventing Sideline Rage

When sport spectators lose their temper and go berserk, it can turn a wonderful experience into a nightmare for everyone. Fortunately, there are some effective techniques for curbing sideline rage.

How to Be a Winner

“If you make winning games a life or death proposition, you’re going to have problems. For one thing, you’ll be dead a lot.” Dean Smith, Basketball Hall of Fame coach

Keys to Effective Goal Setting

How to use goal-setting principles that are guaranteed to work.

Winning is Everything: Myth vs. Reality

Would you be surprised to learn that a “winning is everything” philosophy isn’t supported by research?

Hey Sport Parents! Don't be Rude!

Some knuckleheads can turn a fun event into a nightmare for everyone.

How to Make Sports FUN for Kids

“It’s a disgrace what we’re doing in the United States and Canada. We’re asking little kids to compete to win. Why not ask them to compete to have fun?” Sparky Anderson, Baseball Hall of Fame manager

The Key to Educating Youth Sport Adults

Coaches and parents deserve empirically supported training, rather than pseudo-education based on armchair psychology.

Goal Setting for Peak Performance: I Wanna Be a Superstar!

What are the secrets of effective goal setting?

The Key to Success in Sports and Life

By playing sports, kids get valuable lessons about achievement—training that carries over into their everyday lives.

How to Overcome Major Obstacles in Parenting Young Athletes

Youth sports are not a free babysitting service! In fulfilling their child-rearing obligations, sport parents have some major challenges to conquer.

How to Stop Bullying in Youth Sports

“Bullying is not a form of conflict; it’s a form of victimization.” Dr. Gabriela M. Reed, pediatric psychologist, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas

Freaked-out Kids in Sports: Keys to Stress Reduction

Coaches and parents working together are a powerful combination for reducing sport-performance anxiety in young athletes.

Youth Sports 101: Top 9 Tips for Moms and Dads

Parents have an important obligation to contribute to their children’s well-being in sports. There’s no magic formula for doing this, but there are some key principles to follow.