The Tony Romo Dilemma

Using a salient sports topic, I describe a framework for effectively resolving stressful dilemmas.

Coping With Trump Anxiety

Concrete steps for managing a new and significant stressor in American life.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

"How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce" provides useful insights and guidance for parents who must contend with this increasingly common and deceivingly complex life event.

Co-Parent Solutions: A GAL Evaluation

There are myriad solutions to co-parent problems. The following option - a GAL evaluation - is the most efficient solution to significant concerns about co-parent misbehavior.

Co-Parent Problems

When two parents divorce, they become co-parents. Co-parents have big problems. This blog examines the topics and distress associated with those problems and discusses why so much of it is understandable if not unavoidable.