The Arguing Ape Hypothesis

The problem with contemporary political discourse is not bias and laziness. It's tribalism.

Kids, Would You Please Lower Your Weapons?

With authoritarians on both the Right and the Left dominating political discourse, it's tough (and sometimes unsafe) for the sensible center to get a word in edgewise.

Four Organizing "Sins" to Start Committing on Purpose

Computer science can improve our psychological health by absolving us from the guilt of being disorganized.

How Much Diversity Can We Handle?

When we embrace diversity, we reap benefits in the long term, with much conflict in the short term.

One Simple Question for Modern Humans Who Want to Be Happy

Our minds must operate in the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Yet their underlying hardware was molded in a tribal context on the African Savanna. How can we make this work?

Why Do Your Facebook Friends Have So Much Political Bias?

Myside bias makes us notice, search for, and favor evidence that supports what we already believe. Why do we do this? And is it worse on social media?

Should You Finish What You Start?

Do you have several half-finished projects going at a time? If so, here's a neat trick that might help you finish things more often.

Productivity Secrets of an Influential Young Scotsman

Here's how passion, action, and reason work together to help you get things done.

How A Psychologist Lost Weight Drinking Soda

A psychologist visited Paris and lost weight. He credits the soda.

5 Sources of Stress and Anxiety in the Modern World

Are you stressed out or anxious about too many parts of your life? The modern world might be to blame.

Are Flowers on Valentines Day a Big Dumb Waste of Money?

You can't eat flowers (like chocolate). You can't use them to get coffee (like a gift card). Why do we still give people flowers as gifts?

Somebody’s Watching. Now What?

Does an audience improve or inhibit performance? It depends.

Free Will and Moral Practice

Can we coherently show full contrition without free will? It depends on what you mean by, "If I had it to do over again, I would have done something different."

Toilet Paper, AAA Batteries, and a Clear Mind

Here's how to de-clutter your mind, and never run out of toilet paper again.

Do We Even Understand the Other Side?

Political discussions would go better if we were less biased. That said, here's a skill that will lead to more productive political discussions, even if we remain biased.

Just-in-Time and Deep: The Secret to Less Stressful Planning

Are you worried that you're doing too much planning and not enough doing? Once you know the purpose of personal project plans, you'll know just how much to plan, and when.

Is Authenticity Worth It?

When others won’t accept us as we are, what do we do? We must choose between two important values.

Better Mindsets, Better Results

Here are 4 mindset shifts that can help us win at life.

Big Projects, Big Mood Swings

Learn why we bounce between optimism and pessimism while working on large projects. And discover 6 ways to deal with these mood swings.

Are You Hungry for Your Work?

If our psycho-social needs go unmet at work, our work can feel oppressive in a number of ways. Here are 8 suggestions for making our work less oppressive.

Why Is Procrastination Even a Thing?

Are you a chronic procrastinator? Here's one way to keep moving.

Why Is Time Passing So Quickly These Days?

Here are 4 reasons time seems to speed up as we age, and 4 ways to slow it down.

The Psychology of "Feeling the Bern"

Here's how Bernie Sanders has captured the hearts of Progressives in America.

Four Strangers: A Dialogue Concerning Self-Presentation

How do we describe ourselves to others? What does that say about who we are? Explore these questions in a brief dialogue involving four strangers.

Overwhelmed Much?

Here are 9 reasons most of us are more overwhelmed than we should be.

Would a Basic Income Increase National Happiness?

What if we gave everyone an extra $500 every month just for being a citizen?

4 Self-Portraits That Make Us Self-Conscious

We all worry where we stand with others. These four self-portraits, and the gaps between them, provide a map of your self-conscious thoughts.

What's Missing?

If you know what's missing from your life, maybe you can find it.

5 Organizing Principles it’s Time to Reconsider

If you want to avoid conflict, here are 5 organizing principles you might want to reconsider.

Free Will à la Mode?

Do you have free will? Can you bake a pie from scratch?