The U.S. Born on Third Base, Thinks It Hit a Triple

The U.S. is like Donald Trump in the sense that we were born rich but insist that we're self-made.

Kaepernick Stays, Ditka Goes

Far from being an act of disrespect, Kaepernick's protest is an expression of the best of America: moral courage and freedom of expression.

Explaining Donald Trump

Being rich can make you insufferable.

The Naturalistic Fallacy Fallacy (Part II)

Part II of a discussion of how to turn a profit subverting human nature.

The Naturalistic Fallacy Fallacy (Part I)

While it's true that "is doesn't imply ought," it's dangerous and stupid to ignore human nature.

Are We Living in a Muskian Matrix?

Elon Musk is a genius trapped in a really dumb idea.

The Evolution of Politics, Part II

Darwin saw "perfect equality" as an impediment to progress.

The Evolution of Politics, Part I

Social groups that value egalitarianism, cooperation, and open sharing of resources have proven to be far more successful over the long haul of prehistory than groups that didn’t v

Pyramids: Amazing Accomplishment or Narcissistic Lunacy?

When you include the costs of civilization, it stops looking like such a great deal.

The Costs of Civilization

There would be no blues without slavery; no moon landing without NAZI rocket scientists.

Is Civilization Really Worth the Trouble?

Are the pyramids miraculous or pathetic?

In Economics, Tomorrow Never Comes

Where's all that leisure time the future was supposed to bring?

How Trump Has Already Trumped Reagan

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it." –Mark Twain

Does Black Irish Count as "Black?"

Any conversation about race has to begin with the fact that nobody really knows what "race" means.

Confessions From the Past

An hour well-lived and deeply experienced not only distracts us from our mortality, it robs death by spending the only currency it can rob us of: time among the living.