The Fear of Public Speaking

Giving a presentation to a room-full of people or just voicing your opinion in a meeting can be a nerve-wracking experience. Even if you are prepared, have made notes, or practiced your introduction, once you are on the spot, it’s pretty easy to get unnerved.

Alcohol Benefits the Creative Process

Creative thought is something we often aspire to. Whether it’s in terms of artistic products, scientific discoveries, or business innovations, creative accomplishments drive advancement in much of what we do.

Dealing With the Pain of Social Exclusion

On the surface, the pain of being excluded seems pretty different from physical pain, but it turns out that these experiences share a common biological basis in the brain.

Why Your Best Ideas Come When You Least Expect It

Not all tasks require working memory for success. In fact, sometimes people's ability to think about information in new and unusual ways can actually be hampered when they wield too much brainpower. This means that what we think of as our optimal time of day may not be optimal for everything.

Meditation Helps Keep Our Wandering Minds in Line

Wandering minds are unhappy minds; fortunately, meditation decreases wandering.

Parents: Your Words Matter

Simply put, what parents say and do matters. O.K., its perhaps not new news that parents can model language and behavior for their kids. But, what is surprising, is the extent of this parental impact.

Got to Go? Wait. You'll Do Your Best Thinking.

Inhibiting the urge to Go facilitates impulse control

Why Breakups Hurt Even More Than You Think

To our brains, getting burned romantically is like physical pain