5 Ways NOT to Deal with Anger

Even I use the third strategy, on occasion, against my own advice...

Are Men Angrier than Women?

How do men and women feel or express anger differently?

Anger Is Its Own Beast, whose Bark Is as Bad as Its Bite

Why the distinction between anger and aggression is not as sharp or useful as it first appears.

10 Tips for Reducing Anger

I think some readers may take exception to tip no. 4. And many will struggle with no. 7 (myself included); but it's no reason not to strive for it...

If Anger Is a Gift, Let's Not Do Gifts This Christmas

A response to Dr Karson's post, 'The Gift of Anger' in which I attempt to repudiate his alleged 'four benefits'.
Jessica Flavin from London area, England. Copyright: Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Is Zero Anger Optimal? Yes (with Footnotes).

Many argue that a little anger is normal and appropriate. I argue the optimum amount, all things considered, is close to zero. There are some specific exceptional circumstances where anger may value add; but there are exceptions to these exceptions! And in any case they are too few and far between to outweigh the massive gains of a peaceful life.

Physician, Heal Thyself!

Get a psychologist's-eye view of what it's like for an anger management specialist to manage his own anger in an anecdote from my own anger journal...

Feeling Angry? Relax, or Don’t

Relaxation anger management strategies are targeting a symptom, not the cause, of anger—and not even the worst symptom at that.