Child Sexual Abuse Declared an Epidemic

Child sexual abuse epidemic acknowledged by WHO.

Choose Joy for Your Child

What does compassion for yourself and your child look like?

When the Church Harms Your Child

How do families survive clergy child sexual abuse?

No Syrup, Just Butter

A Father's Day story about abandonment and healing.

Ethical Issues in Treating Childhood Obesity

How do doctors decide when to recommend surgery for a child with obesity?
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Chubby, Chunky, Heavy, Big

Many parents are watching their children getting bigger and bigger and wonder, when do I say something? How do I help them when I can’t even help myself?

Helping Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

How to help children with obesity who have been sexually abused? Let them know there is an end to their long journey towards health, safety, and happiness.

When Children Question Why They Are Eating Animals

Are children inherently vegetarian? When children refuse to eat animals.