The Faces of Bullying - Helping Kids Through Tough Times

October is national Bullying Prevention Month and it is important to remember that often there is more than one victim of bullying - including the bullying himself. What can be done to ensure all kids are treated fairly and with respect?

Let's Talk Numbers: How Are You Feeling?

As your child gets back into the daily routine of school, you may notice him acting out. Asking a few simple questions can go a long way in helping them cope and plan strategies for a successful day.

Importance of Learning During the Summer "Off" Months

Summer is an amazing time for growth and maturity in children, especially in preschoolers as they prepare to head to school for the first time in the fall. There are techniques for parents to assist their children during this transitional phase and have a productive journey to school in the fall!

Encouraging the Best From Your Child

Parents have so many worries, but by instituting some proactive strategies for positive reinforcement they may be able to affect healthy outcomes in their children.

Kids and Screen Time: What Parents Should Know

Children's use of technology and social media has become a focus for modern-day parents. But what is an appropriate amount of screen time and how should it be monitored? How does use of technology impact children of all ages?