Earlier School Start Times for Elementary School Students

What Evidence Exists about Relations Between Early School Start Times and Outcomes for Young Children?

Intelligence, Sleep, and School Achievement

Are children with higher IQs hampered in their school performance when they sleep poorly?

A Pioneer in Child Sleep Research and Treatment

A Pioneer in Child Sleep Research and Practice

Summer Sleep

Want to know how much sleep your teenager needs?

AMA Joins the Call for Later School Start Times

American Medical Association calls for later school start times

How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need?

Pediatric sleep panel publishes guidelines for children’s sleep

Summer Sleep and School Achievement

Keeping a regular sleep schedule in summer may be beneficial when school starts.

Sleepiness and Adolescent Drivers

Sleepy adolescents who drive are a danger to themselves and others.

A Long-Term Study of Changing High School Start Time

One study shows that benefits of later school start time are lost after a while.

Changing School Start Times

Should schools start later for high school students? What about for elementary school students?

Variability in Sleep Schedule Hinders Brain Development

Regular sleep can aid brain development in adolescence.

The Mismatch Between Teen Sleep and School Timing

A CDC study shows schools start earlier than pediatricians recommend.

Sleep Deprivation as Torture

Psychologists and torture

Sleep and Waste Control

New research shows that brain waste products are cleared during sleep

The Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

The benefits for learning and memory of sleep are illustrated in this TED ED talk by a pediatric sleep specialist.

National Geographic Channel “Sleepless in America” Program

The National Geographic Channel will air "Sleepless in America" Sunday November 30 at 8:00 ET

Sleep Deprivation Impairs Adolescents’ Cognitive Performance

A new study shows that a night of sleep deprivation causes attentional lapses, slower reaction times, and more errors on mental tests in teenagers.

Pediatricians Issue New Policy on School Start Times

Pediatricians advocate for later school start times

Parents’ Irregular Working Hours Affect Children’s Sleep

Parent Irregular working hours can lead to irregular sleep for children.

How Do Earlier School Times Affect Young Students?

Many school districts are trying to decide if high schools should begin later in the morning. In most cases, that change means elementary schools would begin earlier. A new study shows that elementary students from higher income families may have worse academic academic performance with earlier school start times.

New Evidence That Sleep Facilitates Learning and Memory

Researchers have observed changes in neurons that reflect consolidation of memory after sleep.

Poor Sleep Affects Children’s Thoughts and Emotions

What cognitive and emotional effects does lack of sleep have on children?

Poor Sleep Is Linked to Common Illnesses in Teens

Adolescents sleep less than they should. In addition to other consequences, new research shows that poor sleep is related to common illnesses such as colds and flu.

Australian and U.S. Teens Compared on Sleep

Australian cultural practices foster better sleep in teens than in U.S.

Later School Start Time Benefit Supported by More Evidence

Many communities are trying to decide if schools should begin later. New research shows that later start time is beneficial.

Sleep Health for the New School Year

A new school year can be challenging. Here are some ideas for helping children get enough sleep as they go back to their school daily schedule.

Circadian Type Can Affect Teen School Performance

Morningness-Eveningness chronotype begins to stabilize in adolescence. Evening types have a hard time getting up to optimal alertness and learning capacity in early morning classes. More flexible schedules would improve academic achievement.

Summer Sleep to Diagnose Teen Sleep Need

How much sleep does a teenager need during the school year? Keep track of summer sleep to estimate sleep need.

Zero Period Is a Bad Idea

Why do schools offer zero period classes? Should teens be waking up before dawn to attend?

A.D.H.D. and Sleep

A.D.H.D. symptoms include those consistent with sleep of insufficient duration or quality. Many children diagnosed with A.D.H.D. may have undiagnosed sleep problems, and treating the sleep problems may be productive in lessening the problems of attention, learning, memory, and behavior often seen in children assumed to have A.D.H.D.