Depression Army™ Strong

I’m telling you that if I was able to talk about my depression, you can talk about yours. It feels good to finally drop the mask

Is Overprescription of Antidepressants Sexist?

A thoughtful editorial in today's New York Times, made me consider a new reason for concern about the overprescription of antidepressants: they are written disproportionately to females and may be suppressing women's natural emotionality.
Why We Can't Stop the Depression Epidemic

Why We Can't Stop the Depression Epidemic

Comedian Robin Williams’s death in August rocketed depression into the headlines, and his suicide became a defining moment when the nation would finally reckon with depression. But this reckoning never happened.

Do We Have the Will to Stop the Depression Epidemic?

Sean Moylan’s death is a straw in the wind in the depression epidemic. His death is our problem. And it’s a very big one.

Depressed People Are Not Expendable

An alarming WHO report reveals that the depression epidemic is already at hand, with deadly results for our children. Why didn't it attract any major media coverage?

10 Troubling Facts About Antidepressants

10 troubling facts about antidepressants. These suggest that antidepressants can't be our primary response to the depression epidemic.

Fighting Depression Stigma: The Ends Justify the Memes

Ironically, a profusion of angry, silly memes is likely to do more for our public conversation about depression than many rounds of sober sloganeering.

Why You Need to Light Up Your Life

We are not receiving light at the right time. This has unfortunate consequences for mood.

The Ten Best Books About Depression

I'm often asked to recommend books about depression. Here's my top 10 list.
Why Is Depression So Tenacious?

Why Is Depression So Tenacious?

The promise of an evolutionary approach to depression.

The Come Out of the Dark Campaign: The Next Phase

The next phase of the come out of the dark campaign to increase depression awareness and crush stigma.

The Come Out of the Dark Campaign: An Introduction

Glow-in-the-dark wristbands printed with the phrase COME OUT OF THE DARK—a rallying cry for people affected by depression.

A Personal Story of Depression Stigma: Then and Now

Look carefully; something is wrong with this picture.

Depression: The Caregiver's Predicament

When depression is discussed as a social problem, the focus is naturally on people who suffer its symptoms. The caregiver's predicament goes largely unnoticed. And that needs to change.

Let's Take Back Our National Conversation About Depression

A new YouTube channel will feature video posts about the stigma of depression and what you can do to change our national conversation.

Depression's Bumper Sticker Problem

A depression awareness campaign could improve life for millions of people... but several obstacles stand in the way.

We Need a Positive Symbol For Depression

It's high time for a positive symbol of depression.

Grief is the Flip Side of Love: How Animals Grieve

The best book to date on animal grief

Depression: Over-diagnosed?

Are Americans over-diagnosed and over-treated for depression as suggested by a new Johns Hopkins study? Let's dig a little deeper.

What Is It Like to Be Severely Depressed?

We have many fine literary accounts of depression. A good example is Styron's Darkness Visible, which I heartily recommend as nicely conveying depression's foreign awfulness. But, in my view, not half as well as this incredible blog called Hyperbole and a Half.

Depression is Your Problem Whether You Like It or Not

Even if you haven't experienced it directly, depression may be hitting you, right in your pocketbook.

Notes from Ground Zero in America's Depression Epidemic

A few months ago, I posted about the epidemic of depression on America's college campuses. Here, two college students offer their opinions about why.

Flourishing After Depression: How What We Don't Know Hurts Us

The long run outcome of deep depression is typically cruel: Depression leaves a dull hangover of residual symptoms in its wake. Episodes of deep depression are prone to recur. Yet a subgroup of sufferers beats these odds.

Left in Limbo

In many ways the most awkward phase of depression is when the worst has passed, when a depressed person is better, but not fully well.

Back from the Black: Why Do Early Improvers Improve?

Roughly 1/3 of people in a depressive episode show a rather substantial and early improvement in their depression. What's their secret?

Depression: The Dream of a Single Episode

The existence of SLEDs are a ray of hope in the dark world of depression.

Improvement in Depression: Now or Never?

We know quite a bit about why and how people fall into depression. From negative thinking to stressful environments to poor ways of coping to gloomy temperaments, falling in is no great mystery. But why and how do people pull out of depression?

Why Do Depressed People Lie in Bed?

A perfectly able-bodied person can't bring him or herself to rise out of bed. How does this happen?