What to Do When Life Is Short

Dual citizenship as a doctor and as a seriously ill patient had taught him that respectful communication is the bedrock of all medicine.

Is Hospice Losing Its Soul?

Hospice is moving into the health care mainstream. A longtime hospice nurse explains why that’s not the best place to comfort, care for, and honor the dying.

Why Writing Matters

At the end of life, people sometimes find time and focus to do things they've always wanted to do. Often, surprisingly, it's writing.

Doctors Writing Poetry

What's with all the doctors writing poems, novels and plays? Not to mention memoirs and opinion pieces. Do they have visions of Hollywood grandeur or is something more noble happening?

Why Are Hospice Names So Odd?

When shopping for a hospice, look past the often head-scratching names. Marketers may be overcompensating for having to use the scary word "hospice" in the company or organization's name, with words like "aspire" and "ascend."

Fasting to Death

A popular radio host's personal disclosure sheds light on a legal way for terminally ill people to hasten death: stopping eating and drinking.

Why Doctors Don’t Want Their Own Medicine When They’re Dying

Nine in 10 doctors say they wouldn’t want CPR if they were terminally ill and their heart or breathing stopped. What do they know that the rest of us don’t?

Treatment or Comfort: Why Must Dying Patients Choose?

Insurance rules force dying patients to make an agonizing choice: If you want hospice care, you have to stop potentially life-prolonging treatment. It's time to re-think the rules.

Is Death the New High School?

America the diverse has a common thread: Nobody wants to talk about death

Hospice at the Oscars

An Oscar-nominated film shows the transformative power of hospice in even the harshest environment: a maximum-security prison. Former segregationist Jack Hall is cared for, tenderly, at the end of his life by black volunteers, mostly murderers like himself.

When Life Gives You Death, What's So Funny?

Allen Klein helps people use humor in meeting life's toughest challenges. Neither comedian nor clown, he teaches communication and coping skills to deal with stress, disease and death.

Is There a Right Way to Die?

A dying teenager’s song and thousand-watt smile go viral and raise the question: Do you have to be happy to die well?

Last Licks: End-of-life Care for Pets and Their Humans

Animal hospice gives you an alternative to aggressive treatment, and time to say goodbye, but is it just another ploy to make money from pet owners?

Are Moments of Death Must-See TV?

Showtime’s powerful six-part documentary, Time of Death, follows eight terminally ill people through their last weeks, days and moments. At the halfway mark of the series, we assess: What’s to be learned from the uncomfortable experience of watching someone die?

Linda Ronstadt’s New Voice—About End-of-Life Issues

When Parkinson’s disease robbed Grammy award-winner Linda Ronstadt of her singing voice, she discovered she could write. Her new memoir shines a light on aging, illness, hope, fear and being there for loved ones who are dying.

Until Death Do Us Part

Getting married in the face of death is the ultimate love story. It's also a lesson in hope. Why some couples say "I do" when a partner is about to die.

What Do You Want to Do With the Rest of Your Life?

A patient with leukemia thought hospice meant giving up. He never imagined that it would create time and space to live, love and grow.