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Recently the page views counter on my blog hit 2 million. What a thrill! Readers and PT editors, thank you for supporting the Changepower blog!  I hope that every blog helped or entertained you--preferably both. 

So it’s time to look back and savor some meaningful moments in my 6 years of blogging for Psychology Today.  What better way to do that than select a Top 10 list of Changepower blogs?

I wanted to choose a blend of reader favorites and my own.  So first I made a list of all blogs that received 30,000 page views or more.  Out of 123 total blogs, there were 18 blogs that made that cut.  From these, “the Big 18,” I chose 8 personal favorites.  I added two more that reflect who I am and what I believe in, even though they didn’t make the list of 18.  (#2 through #9 are on the “Big 18;” numbers #1 and #10 are strictly my choices.)

In no particular order, here they are, your personal favorites and mine, along with a little speculation about why so many people liked them…or why I did. Click on the title to see the blog.

1.  What Is the One Key Factor in Successful Change?

I love it when I can write a short blog with one distinct and powerful point.  I think I achieved that goal in this blog. This is an essential blog for any habit-changer who wants to be successful.  If you read between the lines, it will also tell you a lot about my philosophy of life. While not part of “The Big 18,” it may be my favorite blog of all time!

2. Why Saying Just One Word Can Calm Runaway Emotions  

This strategy for a more peaceful mind is nothing short of amazing. Learning this quick, research-based trick has helped me calm my agitated mind numerous times.  See if it can work for you, as it has for me and, apparently, for so many readers. 

3. The 5 Most Common Reasons We Get Annoyed…And What You Can Do About Them

I love the idea of learning from our so-called negative emotions. In this blog, I describe how you can use the unpleasant feeling of “annoyance” to make your life better.

4.  9 Essential Habits of Sexual Assertiveness

This blog was based on Elizabeth Powell’s e-book, Talking Back to Sexual Pressure. I think it was popular because, well, who doesn’t want to have a better sex life?  The book, and blog, are helpful to anyone of any age who wants to speak up in an assertive way about any sexual issue.

5. 3 Ways to Stop Imagining the Worst

"Catastrophizing" is a hurtful thought process that can take over your mind. In this blog I present 3 simple ways to ease the pain.  Short and helpful!

6.  Five Thoughts That Can Get You Through (Almost) Anything

I love short mottoes and sayings that can guide my life, and apparently readers do, too. In tough situations, bring these short mantras to mind. They are gems!

7.  Want to be Happier? It’s As Easy As 2, 5, 11, 15, 20, 43

Forget Powerball.  Everyone can win the happiness lottery by paying attention to these 6 numbers. 

8. 13 Small Decisions That Will Ease Anxiety 

These 13 decisions, along with action steps, can help anyone calm an anxious mind and body. This blog was well-read, and I hope it helped a lot of people. Just researching and writing it helped me!

9. Why Diets Don’t Work…And What Does

It seems that everyone wants to lose weight.  But often people try to do it for the wrong reasons and in the wrong way. I hope that readers got the message: “For lifelong weight loss, lose the diet!”

10. I Quit! How Quitting Smoking Transformed My Entire Life

If you want to understand the personal issues that animate my work, just read this blog. 

Re-reading some of my old blogs reminded me of ideas, strategies, and techniques that I’d already forgotten or neglected. Now I’ve revived them. There’s nothing like a refresher course in using “Changepower”—even for the author of the blogs! 

Readers, if a blog was particularly helpful to you, please write about it in Comments.  I’d love to hear from you.

© Meg Selig, 2016

For more information and ideas on health, happiness, and habits, please scroll down to my photo and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  To peek inside my book, Changepower! 37 Secrets to Habit Change Success, click here. 

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