Are You Shocked by the Political Parties?

Politics matters to many people, and the electrical responses from their skin shows that.

Voters Versus Terrorists: Who's Winning?

While our hearts ache for the victims of this latest revolting episode of the inhumanity to which some will go to gain power over others, it is important to step back and note that the terrorists don’t always win.

6 Insider Tips for New Ph.D. Students

Welcome to the Ph.D. “business”! It’s peculiar and you’re probably entering it at a huge information disadvantage. Profit from these insider tips.

Laughing Matters During Presidential Primary Debates

How will we, the American Public, evaluate the candidates in the Republican presidential debates?

An Apple a Day Keeps the Tyrant Away

This simple question predicts a person's health and their likelihood of turning out to vote pretty well.

Do You Have the Personality of a Neanderthal?

Almost all of us have some Neanderthal in us. What can that tell us about how these ancient cousins of ours thought?

Women Like Men With Big Medals

If our basic drive is to survive and reproduce, why do men, who have been the primary war fighters throughout human history, volunteer to subject themselves to the life-threatening dangers of war?

Are Canadian Voters Really This Dumb?

One of the nonpolitical shortcuts people use when evaluating politicians is their nonverbal displays—the messages they send with their facial expressions, body movement, eye contact, voice, and touch. How much does style matter over substance in politics?

Mr. Putin, Would You Lie Still So We Can Scan Your Brain?

How do we predict dangerous leaders' actions when they won't answer our proven psychological questionnaires or lie still for our fMRI bran scans? Well, here are a couple of choices.

Does Cyber-Terrorism Terrorize? Hormones Suggest It Does

Think cyber-terrorism can't happen to you? Think it doesn't "hurt" anyone? Ask the 3,800 employees of Sony Pictures, including some of its stars, who got caught up in the international political intrigue over the company's movie, The Interview. And see what one study shows that cyber-terror does to our hormones.

Power Corrupts…And Testosterone Corrupts Absolutely?

We’re all familiar with the cynical warning about leaders: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” But research shows there's more to corruption than just power. And that "more" may be everyone's favorite sex hormone.

7 Key Questions to Ask During Your Grad School Interview

It’s the beginning of the interview season for applicants to PhD programs. You want to be prepared to convey to them that you’re a serious student with a firm grasp of the arduous journey you’re hoping to undertake with them. One way to demonstrate your serious intent and grasp of the task is by the questions you ask during the interview.

George Bernard Shaw, Imagination, And The Leaders We Get

Our imaginations are incredibly powerful. And if you listen to a Nobel Prize and Academy Award winner, and pay attention to a lot of research, you’ll see the leaders we get reflect our imaginations.

Are You Going to Make a Weighty Decision on Tuesday?

We like our leaders big. Despite the head scratching this phenomenon causes, I can’t escape this finding in my research. This may show why.

The Sweet Sexual Smell of Your Politics

Can we smell the politics of our mates?

5 Dirty Little Secrets about Getting a PhD

So you’re thinking about getting a PhD? See these dirty little secrets about getting a PhD, which may save you years of work and thousands of dollars.

You Could See It Coming: Chronic War Stress, Chronic Disease

The Israelis and Palestinians live cheek by jowl, and the threat of immediate violence brutally lingers for both, sometimes with devastating health consequences. This shows, once again, that biology can affect our politics, and politics can affect our biology.

How Does Smell Affect Your Politics of Sex?

Smell your email? Apparently, now you can. Humans can detect up to 1 trillion scents, some of which aren't that palatable. And the ones that disgust us may actually affect our political attitudes, particularly toward sexual behavior.

The Bergdahl-Taliban Prisoner Exchange and Evolution

War is always an evocative public issue and frequently implicated with evolutionary considerations, and the reaction to the Bergdahl-Taliban prisoner exchange could not make that more clear.

Voting and Stress: Do Hormones Make You a Better Citizen?

The hormone cortisol prepares you for challenges, including in the voting booth.

Not Polite Company: Menstrual Cycles, Politics and Science

Will you jump with me into the middle of a couple of hot controversies? One relates to an issue that polite company didn’t publicly discuss in the not-too-distant past, and the other is a very important issue to anybody concerned with the validity of scientific research…ummm, that would be basically everyone.

Two Experts “Read” Politicians’ Body Language. Can You?

Less than 10% of communication is spoken words. Most communication comes through body language and some through tone of voice. Take the tests and read what the experts say to find out if you can see through politicians' spoken words to know what they're really saying.

Achoo! I'll Vote for Beautiful You

Good looking candidates tend to win. But is it because they're good looking or because of what being good looking signals to voters?

“Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover”: Faces, Height, & Leaders

It’s very clear that in the complicated world of politics we do a lot of cover judging. Candidate faces matter. Candidate height matters. And this research suggests that candidate faces and heights get entangled in very interesting ways that also matter.

Hungry Games: How Does Hunger Affect Your Politics?

How does hunger affect your political views? The effect is powerful, but research suggests our charitable talk may be "cheap."

Locker Room Bullying: Could It Be A “Laughing Matter"?

Let's take a looks at bullying in locker rooms in terms of leader-follower relations and the possible role of this form of “humor” in strengthening team unity.

Bullying in the NFL: Are Pro Football Players “Mean Girls”?

A lot of crazy things go on in the world of professional football. It’s not that surprising since it’s a violent world populated by rich 20 somethings who by definition are freaks of nature. So I gave up long ago trying to make sense of some of the things that go on in the NFL. But the recent incident on the Miami Dolphins is even a stunner to me.

Male Politicians and Sexual Misbehavior: An Update

There's new research that shines an interesting, informative, and controversial light on some politicians’ remarkably boneheaded sexual behavior.

Are You an ‘Ist? Racist, Sexist, Ageist, or “Categorizist”?

Are you an ‘ist: racist, sexist, ageist, or other? Differences in skin, sex, or age are not the problem. The problem is how we react to differences in people in general. We have what are most likely evolutionarily derived psychological mechanisms for categorizing people and objects, which we use to keep from being overwhelmed with information.

Re-electing Rascals: Politicians, Sex, and Voters

How do sexually reckless politicians survive politically?