The Better Angels of Our Nature

It sometimes seems impossible to find those "better angels" inside ourselves and resist the lure of of meanness and bigotry that's all around us.

The Abuse of Language by Groups Seeking Social Change

You're driving me crazy with your over-the-top language

Trusting Your Gut: An Excuse For Not Thinking?

You're going to have to listen to more than your "gut" to get through life's major decisions. Don't be afraid to question what you hear. It's not a sin to be intelligent.

Why A Little Doubt Is Good For You

It takes courage and integrity to express Doubt. Faith is not always a virtue. In fact, it may be a central human failing and we should stop glorifying it.

Damn Foreigners!

Take off your caveman costume and stop blaming the other tribe for everything that goes wrong in your life.

Bad Listening Skills II: Responding to Grief and Loss

What is it about death and loss that triggers the worst listening skills in most of us? No matter how deep your convictions are, you can't preach and listen at the same time.

Bad Listening Skills: Unwanted "Empathy"

There are lots of ways to be a bad listener. Many are well-intentioned and no different from what you learned from dear old mom and dad. It's time to upgrade your listening skills.

The Star Spangled Banner: Just What Are We Singing About?

Before we call it Patriotism, does anybody even know what the words to the Star Spangled Banner are all about? And does anyone dare sing it in public anymore without lip-synching?

The Value of Complaining

Forget that old edict "Say nothing if you have nothing nice to say." Complaining may provide real benefit to the individual and to the group.

Shaming You Into Charity

These days we're being shamed onto giving, conned with personalized address stickers and images of cute saucer-eyed animals. Whatever happened to giving freely from the heart?

Censorship & Playing It Safe in the Rain Forest

What's the good of getting a scientific education if you have to suppress it to stay employed? Just ask the tour guides in Costa Rica who have to dumb down what they say in the rain forest in order to avoid offending know-nothing religious tourists from North America.
Even before the World Cup, Costa Rica had national pride

Even before the World Cup, Costa Rica had national pride

Can a country without an army still hold its own within the international community? And can it protect its smallest creatures, even the poisonous ones?

Why So Many People Just Can't Say No

Two letters, one syllable. Honestly, an occasional "No" ain't gonna kill you—or anybody else.
Did the Ballpark Really Make Them "Catch" Cancer?

Did the Ballpark Really Make Them "Catch" Cancer?

Don't turn into your Caveman ancestor just because your health may be at issue. Calm and logic still wins the day.

I Really Don't Want To Know

Just how much truth can we handle when it comes to our partner's sexual history?

We've Got It Good

You can learn a lot about life from a Vermont graveyard.

Clinical Psychologists are Destroying the Language

Clinical psychologists, at least some of them, are verbifying the English language to death. What may have once had some therapeutic utility has become an empty linguistic tic.

Speeding Tickets and Other Injustices

Most of us really do expect the world to be a fair place, and we get pretty upset when our Just World view is threatened.

Speaking God's Name in Bed

Using the Deity's name as a sign of sexual pleasure is widespread, even among atheists. Is there a culture somewhere that doesn't default to the Deity when the Pleasure Meter hits 10?

Cathy's Tale

Lack of communication can lead to some serious relationship problems, and it rarely stops there.

Open the Roof for God!

As some apparently believe, God has nothing better to do than intervene in the outcome of baseball games.

The Perils of Clutter

Can you really get along with those old CDs, books, clothes and former relationships surrounding you? You're going to need some kind of storage space in order to move forward.

Ready! Action! Boredom!!

Do you want to watch me write a book? I don't think so. Do you want to watch a farmer down the road from me harvest some hay? Errr, no thanks. How about a chef whip up a soufflé? Well, maybe, but I'd rather eat it than watch it being made. But watch a movie being filmed in your home town? Now you're talking! That's excitement. That's magic!

What You Don't Know About Rick Santorum

A pair of taboos about religion and dead bodies have gotten in the way of open dialogue and good political journalism.

Get Outta Dodge!

Getta Outta Dodge! From Matt Dillon to Dexter, we still love those who detect and punish cheaters.

I'm No Longer Attracted to You

Nobody said love was fair. Nobody said attraction was rational or consistent. But are they both too much to ask?

Idiocracy: Can We Reverse It ?

America is on a precipitous slide toward Idiocy. The most obvious signs of the decline we see around us are growing illiteracy, lack of education, widespread obesity, and religiosity: an overweight, uninformed, irrational people.

Creationists Have An Unfair Advantage But They're Still Wrong

Whether it's about baseball, music or human origins, we all seem to be suckers for a good Creation Myth.