When Is Compliance a Bad Thing?

When saying no to authority is the right thing to do

Restoring Family Connections

Helping parents and children restore their family connections

What Goes Around Comes Around.... Only Sometimes

A blog post argues that "what goes around comes around" is based on a faulty premise about what parental alienation is.

Children Who Hate

Children who are alienated push the targeted parent away when what they really need is reassurance that they are loved.

Targeted Parents and Adult Alienated Children

Reconnecting is not the same as restoring the relationship.

Parental Alienation and Three False Dichotomies

False dichotomies encourage black and white thinking that can get in the way of finding creative solutions and finding peace of mind.

Five Things to Never Say to an Alienated Child

Five ways to avoid entrenching your child's alienation from you

Real Facts About Parental Alienation

Misunderstandings and misperceptions about parental alienation

Book Review: The Room

Abused children can have surprising responses to being "rescued."

Best Interests of the Child: Standards & Parental Alienation

Best Interest of the Child Standards do not protect children from parental alienation.

How to Find a PA Expert, Part 4

How you can tell if a parental alienation "expert" is a true expert?

How to Find a Parental Alienation Expert, Part 3

Who is a true parental alienation expert?

How to Find a Parental Alienation Expert, Part 2

Mistakes likely to be made by a non-parental alienation expert.

How to Find a Parental Alienation Expert, Part 1

Not all parental alienation experts are true specialists.

Parenting an Alienated Child

Parenting an alienated child is a labor of love

Beware of First Impressions

Alienation can be counter-intuitive, even for mental health professionals

The Misery Checklist

The Misery Checklist: A made-up story about a real problem

Alienated Grandparents

Alienated grandparents suffer tremendous loss and emotional suffering.

Surviving Parental Alienation, Part 3

Reconciling with formerly alienated children is both a joyous occasion but one that is also fraught with a unique set of challenges.

Surviving Parental Alienation, Part 2

Many social phenomena have tipping points and parental alienation is no exception

Emotional Neglect: A Powerful Bond

Parents who emotionally neglect their children create a powerful bond.

Surviving Parental Alienation

The warning signs of alienation are present but ignored early in the relationship.

Literary Memoirs as Trauma Narratives

Every child just wants to be loved by his or her parents. What happens when a parent cannot love a child?

Movie Star and Targeted Parent

Movie stars come out for the cause of parental alienation

Alienation at the Movies

The theme of alienation runs through many books and movies

Mindfulness as a Tool

Six ways that mindfulness can help you as a targeted parent

Parenting a Mildly-Moderately Alienated Child

10 ways to strengthen your relationship with your child.

Coaching Targeted Parents: Additional Observations

Why unconditional love may feel counter productive to a targeted parent.