Pets Rock

Research points to the physical and mental health benefits of owning and caring for a pet.

Me Too and Misogyny

If you are tired of the current focus on gender-based violence, think again and consider the underlying misogyny affecting us all.

Field Notes: On Witnessing

What are the different ways we tell stories of illness and trauma and why does it matter?

Soul Stories: The Book and I

What does it mean to bring the first person "I" back into writing and into health care?

Fight Hate

What do hate crimes have to do with public health? Learn why, and what you can do about them in your community.

Skeletons in the Closet

A review of the new film "To the Bone" reveals some interesting perspectives on eating disorders.
Josephine Ensign

Health Care (Politics) Is Bad for Your Health

Feeling anxious and depressed about possible cutbacks to health care? You are not alone.

An Ode to Hospital Chaplains

What are the positive contributions of hospital chaplains on education for nurses and physicians? I add my own ode to the work of hospital chaplains and of health humanities.

Just Say No to Nurse Angels

To celebrate National Nurses Week, here are some suggested cautions, along with a suggested reading list.

Spring Blues

Are you or someone you love having the Spring blues? Excellent and free resources are available to help you and your community.

Body, Soul, Survival

On the history and politics of health care in the United States.

Beyond Endurance Test

These times call for something beyond resilience; they call for increasing our capacity for individual and community endurance.

University Student Mental Health

In these uncertain and anxiety-provoking times, our universities have an increased responsibility to support student mental health and wellbeing.

Commit to Mental Wellbeing

Do you want motivation and inspiration on ways to commit to mental wellbeing for yourself, your family, your community? Check out these amazing programs from around the world.

(No) Home for the Holidays

Home, not just for the holidays but anytime, is just a dream for many.

Listen, Carefully

What does it mean for health care providers to label patients as "difficult"? How do we listen more carefully to illness narratives?

On Confession

What is behind the American obsession with public confession?

Continue to BE Uncomfortable

On the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and confronting racism in constructive ways.

Past Forgiveness: Part II

What does it take to forgive someone?

The Lessons of Homelessness

Are you tired of the same old rhetoric about homelessness? Here is a different way to view the problem of homelessness.

Evicted and the Meaning of Home

What is the meaning of home and what author Matthew Desmond has to say about it in his new book Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City.

My Homeless Shadow

Homelessness is a type of deep illness, a term coined by sociologist Arthur Frank for an illness that casts a shadow over your life.

Past Forgiveness

When is forgiveness not divine?

How to Help the Homeless

When a homeless person asks you for spare change, what should you do?
Josephine Ensign

Writing Through Trauma

On writing and living through complex trauma.