Changing Your Career Can Start With a Tiny Habit

Stuck in your job search? Instead of setting a large goal, select one tiny habit you can complete in 30 seconds or less. You'll be amazed at the results.

Spring Break Job Search Retreat

You can enjoy your spring break while making a lot of progress in your job search.

Career Thriving for Gifted Adults: Moving Forward

Finding meaning, job crafting, and building strong relationships can greatly improve your career satisfaction.

How to Win the Lottery Even If You Lose

Losing the lottery might be the best thing that's ever happened to you.

Gifted Career Thriving: Personality Traits

What if your already identified gifts of outstanding intelligence and/or creativity could be combined with powerful and positive personality traits that would allow you to soar?

Careers and Giftedness: Where Will You Thrive?

Managing your career is as important as choosing the right career. And thriving in your career begins with honest self-analysis.

How Does Your Giftedness Affect Your Career?

With today’s emphasis on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the workplace shouldn’t being gifted be an advantage? The simple answer is “yes”-- but it’s not that simple.

Career Development for the Gifted

The broad range of talents and interests found in gifted individuals makes the career decision-making process complex.

Building Global Leadership Knowledge and Skills

The increasingly global marketplace demands that our business leaders (and future business leaders currently in college) become culturally savvy and develop strong intercultural communication skills.

10 Ways to Calm Your Interview Anxiety

It's normal to feel stressed or anxious before an important job interview. Your anxiety can motivate you but can also distract you, so here are 10 quick tips to tame it.

Is Writing a Hit TV Series In Your Future?

Is writing for television one of your career dreams? If you’re ready to transform your ideas into reality, here’s a book that can help you every step of the way.

Job Seeking? Take Advantage of University Websites

College and university career center websites provide hidden gems for job seekers.

Research Your Career Online Using Government Websites

Google is a terrific search engine, but if that's your only method for finding career information and job opportunities online, you are missing a lot.

How to Target and Find the Best Employers for You

Frustrated with your haphazard job search? The "2-hour Job Search" provides a logical system for job seekers and career changers. Developed by Steve Dalton, MBA, this system will help you organize an efficient and effective employer connection method.

Ten Questions for Meaningful Career Development

Whether seeking a career or an artistic pursuit, we are all hoping to find meaning in what we do. And Dr. Eric Maisel has 10 questions to help you explore.

The Worst Critic in Your Job Search, Part 2

Your inner critic can have a devastating effect on your job search. Finding your true self that is wise and strong is the key to eliminating the critic's power.

The Worst Critic in Your Job Search, Part 1

Who’s your worst critic in the job search? Hint: Check your mirror. Now see if you can find your inner champion.

Is Your Elevator Pitch Doing its Job?

I am in sales. And so are you. So the question is: how well are you doing? Maybe it's time to update your elevator pitch.

5 Urban Legends of the Job Search

Much as I enjoy a good urban legend, I don’t like them in the job search. They misguide people and cause them to waste time and maybe even lose out on job opportunities.

Can You Afford Your Dream Career?

Money is certainly the leveler of many a dream. But it doesn’t have to be, and there are some great resources to help you work through the money issues related to your dream. So dream on. Dream big. And plan.

Want to Be a Writer? How Psychology Today Can Help

Whatever your motivation (and we’ll deal in a minute with the lack of that…), if you want to start or improve your writing you need look no further than Psychology Today’s blog posts.

Finding the Meaning in Your Work

How can you combine five dimensions of meaning—money, status, making a difference, passions, and talents—into a fulfilling career?

How to Succeed at a Career Fair

Job fairs offer an unprecedented opportunity to get your credentials in front of a large number of employers in a short amount of time. Just the practice of going up and talking to a company representative can be a great experience and prepare you for when you do meet the representative from the “dream” company you do want to work for.

Famous Inspirational Quotes That Never Were

Writing a speech or preparing a report? Planning to use an inspiring quote? You might want to do your research first.

Gambling on the "Right" College Major

Let’s start here: there is no one right answer to what one “should” major in.

Starting Your New Job

Starting a new job? Know your limitations. Don't take on a task you’re not really prepared to do. Work hard, develop a good relationship with your supervisor, and start contributing when you can. But wait, there's more.

Why is the Job Search So Scary?

We don’t like fearful things. Our limbic system instinctively tells us to run away, fight, or freeze when we encounter them. So if you’ve been fearing the job search, you need to start using a different part of your brain. Here’s how.

Calming Workplace Anxiety with Self-Compassion

We’ve all had those days at work: you’re running late, you miss a deadline, you’re supposed to be at a meeting and you’re stuck in traffic. Or maybe that’s not you: maybe your work day actually goes fine, but you pressure yourself to be perfect, to be better, or to do more. Somehow you feel that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, it's not enough.

Taking Charge of Your Career: Summer Reading

Need career inspiration or help with your job search? These three books will help you take charge and navigate your career regardless of your current situation.

Stuck, Bored, and Unfulfilled at Work

Before you waste one more hour at a “Thank God it’s Friday” or “Over-the-Hump Wednesday” celebration at your local bar, try answering these questions about your job to help you change your situation.