Brain exercises: Do They Work (chapter 1)

 The pressing question of the age: Is The New York Times crossword puzzle going to save you from memory decline?  

Sweet dreams John McCain, or what?

The oft-prescribed drug Ambien has been implicated in numerous cases of sleep-driving, sleep gorging, and sleep-stealing, none of it remembered once it has worn off.  John McCain, takes Ambien when he has trouble sleeping.  Then what?

Rape, robbery, memory

A "benign" seasickness drug, with a checkered history, has been implicated in cruise ship and date rapes, as well as robbery, and because it interferes with memory, victims are at a loss to identify their assailants.

Holy Tau! Are we there yet?

It was a bad month for a host of promising new Alzheimer's drugs...until yesterday.

Pimp My Drug

Who would have thought that the next new thing for treating Alzheimer's might be in the back of the medicine cabinet of a Russian with hayfever?

News Flash: Alzheimer's slowed by...exercise!

The most effective methold to slow down Alzheimer's doesn't even have a co-pay

Test Anxiety

Why get tested for memory loss when you can worry like hell about it instead?

Another Alzheimer's drug bites the dust

Bad news from the makers of Flurizan...or it is?