Do Humans Serve as a "Safe Haven" for Stressed Dogs?

Recent research based on physiological responses shows that dogs, like children, find safety and comfort in stressful situations from the mere presence of a familiar and friendly person.

Which Emotions Do Dogs Actually Experience?

Dogs have the same emotions as a human 2 year-old child

Can Humans Really Interpret the Facial Expressions of Dogs?

New research shows that although humans can read the facial expressions of dogs and link them to their emotional states to some extent, our accuracy is best for only a few basic emotions.

Sit! Stay! Shoot! — Do We Need Gun Control for Dogs?

Recent cases in the media report dogs shooting their owners, sometimes by accident, sometimes because of unsafe practices on the part of humans, and in at least one case a dog seems to have shot a man in self-defense.

Can Dogs Form True Friendships with Other Dogs

Based upon research on the social structure of wolf packs, some scientists have expressed doubts that dogs can form true friendships with other dogs. However dogs are not wolves and we have genetically manipulated dogs so that they easily form bonds of friendship, not only with people, but with other dogs, and other species.

How Therapy Dogs Almost Never Came to Exist

Although the psychological establishment originally doubted the usefulness of therapy dogs to relieve stress and assist in therapeutic interventions, the concept came to be accepted because of the help of Sigmund Freud—some 15 years after his death.

The Passing of Barney Bush: First Dog

The Scottish Terrier Barney Bush played an important role in signaling a return to normalcy after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. This well loved dog often accompanied the president on his trips, occasionally resulting in some amusing and embarrassing incidents.

Dogs Learn by Modeling the Behavior of Other Dogs

Dogs and puppies can learn new tasks, and also learn how to overcome emotional situations, by watching and imitating the behaviors of other dogs.

Can We Communicate with Dogs Using Photos and Replicas?

Dogs understand that replicas and photos can be symbols for real objects.

How Many Miles per Gallon Does Fido Get?

Dog-powered bicycles, tricycles, and scooters are beginning to appear on our streets. This is been tried in the past, and has resulted in the patenting of some strange looking vehicles.

Do Dogs Have Winter Blues or Suffer from SAD?

Low light levels during the winter can cause hormonal shifts in humans leading to the lethargy and depression often called the "Winter Blues" or "Seasonal Affective Disorder." Dogs and cats also suffer from this problem but fortunately some simple solutions are available.

Dogs, Cats, Classical Music, and Frédéric Chopin

Recent data confirms the fact that the sound of classical music is calming to dogs, thus it is interesting to find that dogs (and perhaps one cat) have inspired the composition of some classical music at least in the case of the great piano composer Frédéric Chopin.

The Chemistry of Dogs and People

A story about a dog, a chemistry laboratory, and a professor, that occured on "International Take Your Dogs to Work Day."

Rover to the Rescue: The First Canine Movie Star

In 1905 a silent film starred a fictional dog named Rover in a movie where the clever dog rescued a kidnapped baby. The popularity of that film made the name Rover the generic name for all dogs. Here is a chance for you to see that original 6 ½ minute blockbuster film and its hilarious sequel.

How Dogs Bark in Different Languages

Woof-woof, or bow-wow don't work as the sound of a dog's barking in many languages other than English. If you want to know how a dog barks in Chinese, Hebrew, Polish and more than 60 other languages you should look at this list.

How Do You Say Dog

A collection of more than 250 ways to say 'dog' in a large number of modern languages such as German and Spanish as well as many ancient, esoteric and rare languages ranging from Ancient Egyptian to American Sign Language.

Your Dog Watches You and Interprets Your Behavior

New research shows that dogs, like human children, look at the behavior of their human caretakers in order to gather information to try to understand situations that are ambiguous or potentially problematic.

The President and the Sheltie

President Coolidge received a Shetland Sheepdog as a gift, and it was this dog which popularized these small collies in America. However his Sheltie would not be acceptable in the conformation ring of a dog show by today’s standards for the breed.

Is It Safe to Ship Dogs or Cats by Air?

A new analysis of U.S. Department of Transportation statistics shows that the safety of your pets when traveling in the baggage compartment of passenger airplanes varies depending upon the airline used.

How Many Dogs Are There In the World?

It is possible to estimate the number of dogs on the planet today, and even though our estimate is conservative, the canine population is larger than you might think.

Science Looks at Why and How Wet Dogs Shake

New data shows that dogs evolved mechanisms that allow them to shake nearly 70 percent of the water from their fur in about 4 seconds. It is a matter of survival, but it also depends on the size of the dog.

No More Dancing or Silly Costumes for Dogs?

The Kennel Club of the UK feels that some dance moves are dangerous for dogs and should be banned. It also believes that costumes demean dogs and should be outlawed to protect dogs from feeling shame or embarrassment.

What Shape Is Your Dog's Ear?

A pictorial glossary of the various shapes of dog's ears and the labels that dog breeders use to describe them.

Rank and Dominance Matter When Trying to Teach Dogs

Dogs are only willing to believe what they learn from those that they consider to be their equals or superiors in rank, and are likely to dismiss communications and information from those they consider to be their inferiors.

Dogs Versus Humans in the Olympic Games

If dogs competed in Olympic track and field events, they would win most of the races, however in the jumping events humans have a better chance.

Hearing in Colors: Your Dog’s Coat Color Predicts His Hearing Ability

Research shows that the color of a dog's fur, and even the color of the eyes of the dog’s parents, can predict how well that dog can hear.

Does Your Dog's Name Affect How People Think of Him?

New data shows that dogs with tough or threatening names are more likely to have their behaviors interpreted by observers as being dangerous or aggressive.

Dogs Recognize Generous Versus Selfish People

When watching human social exchanges dogs seem to learn who is generous and who is selfish and the dogs appear to expect that they will be treated the same way as humans in similar interactions.

Dog Philosophy 101: What Dogs Teach Us About Life

The wit and wisdom of our dogs can enlighten our lives and perhaps make us smile.

Canine Empathy: Your Dog Really Does Care If You Are Unhappy

Recent research demonstrates that dogs have empathy and recognize when humans are emotionally distressed. Their response is an attempt to comfort the unhappy person as best they can.