Marijuana for Dogs?

With more states in the US legalizing medical and recreational use of marijuana more dogs are becoming exposed to this substance as well. There are some suggestions that this may have benefits for our pets but there are also potential dangers to our pets.

Can Therapy Dogs Help Cure Cancer?

Do therapy dogs have any effect on the physical, functional, or emotional well-being of cancer patients?

The First Dogs in the Americas

Humans arrived in the Americas before dogs, so when did dogs come to the New World, where did they come from, and what did they look like?

Rollovers Do Not Always Mean a Dog Is Afraid or Submissive

The so-called "submissive rollover" in dogs is not really what it seems — at least when applied to play behavior.

When a Dog Has "Accidents," the Detection Game

Borrowing a scientific technique from crime scene investigators may help to solve problems associated with house cleanliness "accidents" which occur when a dog owner is not at home.

In the Human Brain, Dogs and Children Are Equally Lovable

MRI data explores how human mothers respond to their own children and to their family dog. The similarities are remarkable.

The Miracle of Talking Dogs

According to legend dogs gain the power of speech at midnight on Christmas Eve and one man recalls an attempt to test the truth of this folktale

Why Dogs Eat Grass—a Myth Debunked

Neither upset stomach nor dietary needs can explain why dogs eat grass

Pope Francis Says That All Dogs Go to Heaven

Pope Francis contradicts the long standing Catholic Church catechism by claiming that animals have souls and can enter Paradise.

Do Dogs Get the Flu and Can They Pass It on to You?

A highly contagious dog flu first appeared in 2004. Many people worry about catching flu from their pet. Are those concerns valid?

Dogs Hear Word Meanings and Emotions Differently

The dog's brain is organized to process the meaningful and emotional aspects of speech in a way that is remarkably similar to the human brain.

An Easy Way to Prevent Food Aggression in Dogs

Food aggression or food bowl guarding is learned while a puppy is still in its litter, however it is easily prevented.

Do Dogs Grieve Over a Lost Loved One?

Images of dogs mourning over the death of someone dear to them are common in fine art and in photos on the Internet. Although behavioral scientists agree that these dogs are showing great sorrow and sadness they debate as to whether the emotion the dogs are feeling is really grief.

Smart Collars Monitor Your Dog's Activity and Health

Devices already on the market allow you to remotely talk to your dog, while tracking his location, activity and wellness

Is the Next Step in Canine Evolution Cyber-Enhanced Dogs?

A smart phone app may allow you to control and communicate with your computer enhanced dog.

Is the Dog's Brain Tuned to Love People?

A recent MRI study shows that a reward center lights up in the dog's brain when he is reminded of a familiar human.

Why Do Dogs Have Dewclaws?

Although dewclaws are nonfunctional extra toenails in dogs today, they tell us something about how dogs evolved.

Dogs and Toddlers Make the Same Errors

Some interesting illustrations of how dogs and children solve problems in a similar manner, and how they also make the same kinds of errors when they fail to get it right.

Can We Create a Gluten-Detecting Service Dog?

The nose of a dog is remarkably sensitive, however can we train them to detect something as elusive as the minute amount of gluten that might be present in commercially-prepared foods or cosmetics, but which might still be sufficient to cause an allergic reaction in some people?

Is That a Dog in Your Bed?

Sleeping with your dog might have some unexpected problems, but there are solutions.

Toys Are Made for Dogs to Rip: the Wookey Hole Cave Massacre

What happens when you expose a trained guard dog to more than 100 teddy bears and a little bit of jealousy?

Can Dogs Get Infected by the Ebola Virus?

Ebola is a deadly zoonotic disease which can be passed from one species to another. Are dogs susceptible to it? Can they spread it to other animals or humans?

Is Verbal Praise Enough Reward for Dog Obedience Training?

Old-style dog training relied mostly on verbal praise and occasional petting as rewards. Just how effective are those techniques?

How to Create a Successful Working Dog

Some unexpected factors that are important in training a working dog include the owner's personality and the amount of exercise that the dog gets.

Does a Person’s Familiarity Affect a Dog’s Obedience?

When it comes to responding to obedience commands does it make a difference whether the person trying to control the dog is its owner, someone who is familiar or a stranger?

Do Dogs Respond to the “Human” Qualities of Spoken Commands?

Even without the explicit training, dogs are sensitive to the “human” qualities of the verbal commands that we give to them.

Why Do Dogs Like to Sniff Crotches?

That rude behavior on the part of your dog is triggered by the fact that scents from your groin area contain a lot more information about you than you might expect. Nonetheless such ill-mannered behavior on the part of your dog can have significant consequences.

Do Dogs Really Feel Shame and Guilt?

Despite the rising popularity of dog shaming sites on the internet, research is now suggesting that the "guilty look" on your dog may have nothing to do with the emotions of guilt or shame — but it may be useful for the dog.

Is Jealousy One of the Emotions that Dogs Experience?

Recent data shows that dogs feel jealousy when their owner's attention and affection seems to be directed toward another dog, but not when the target capturing their owner's attention is obviously an inanimate object.

Do Puppy Personality Tests Predict Adult Dog Behaviors?

Temperament testing in litters of puppies is quite common, however many of the tests used today have not been scientifically tested to see if they actually predict the behaviors of adult dogs. Some new data looks at how valid these tests are in determining the ultimate personality of dogs.